7 Best Bluetooth/True Wireless Earbuds in the UK for 2020

Our Pick For June

Wireless Headphones, ENACFIRE E19 Bluetooth Headphones with 15H Playtime Deep Bass Stereo Sound...
713 Reviews
Wireless Headphones, ENACFIRE E19 Bluetooth Headphones with 15H Playtime Deep Bass Stereo Sound...
  • ♪♫【Superior Music Quality】Bluetooth earphones features Bluetooth V5.0 + Enhanced Data Rate...
  • ♪♫【One-step Paring Technology】The Bluetooth headphones wireless are equipped with one-step...
  • ♪♫【User Friendly Design】Extremely light weight, comfortable and secure in-ear earbuds, made...
  • ♪♫【Never Cut out】Provide stable and seamless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 and high...

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Best Sellers Right now on Amazon UK

SaleBestseller No. 1
Wireless Earbuds, Mpow Bluetooth Earbuds for Sport w/Touch Control/Mono & Twin Modes, in-Ear...
312 Reviews
Wireless Earbuds, Mpow Bluetooth Earbuds for Sport w/Touch Control/Mono & Twin Modes, in-Ear...
  • 【Intelligent Design & Touch Control】 Mpow Bluetooth earbuds are the First touch-controlled...
  • 【True Wireless Freedom】Unlike others, both L-earbud and R-earbud of Mpow T6 earbuds can be used...
  • 【Dynamic & Bass + Stereo sound]】After hundreds of adjustments and comparisons, Mpow T6 provides...
  • 【Extended battery life up to 40H】Thanks for the lower consumption and higher performance...
SaleBestseller No. 2
ENACFIRE Wireless Headphones, Future Bluetooth Headphones 4H Playtime Deep Bass Stereo Sound 15-20m...
4,578 Reviews
ENACFIRE Wireless Headphones, Future Bluetooth Headphones 4H Playtime Deep Bass Stereo Sound 15-20m...
  • 【THE SOUND YOU WANT】Enacfire Future has the built-in high-quality audio chip, you can hear your...
  • 【BLUETOOTH YOU CAN COUNT ON】ENACFIER Future Bluetooth headphones have an impressively superior...
  • 【ONE-STEP PARING TECHNOLOGY】You don’t need any skills to use ENACFIRE Future Bluetooth 5.0...
  • 【CHARGE ON-THE-GO FOR 18H PLAYTIME】 ENACFIRE’s portable charging cabin lets you charge 4...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Wireless Earbuds, GRDE Headphone Bluetooth 5.0 with HD HiFi Stereo CVC8.0 Noise Canceling Bluetooth...
357 Reviews
Wireless Earbuds, GRDE Headphone Bluetooth 5.0 with HD HiFi Stereo CVC8.0 Noise Canceling Bluetooth...
  • 🎧 【BLUETOOTH 5.0 TECHNOLOGY & SUPERIOR MUSIC QUALITY】: Adopt the most advanced bluetooth 5.0...
  • 🔋 【3000mAh CHARGING CASE & LED DISPLAY】: The wireless headphones is equipped with 3000mAh...
  • ✅ 【ONE STEP PAIRING & TOUCH CONTROL】: GRDE wireless earphones can auto pair each other when...
  • 👂 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN & IPX5 WATERPROOF】: Equipped with 3 different sizes of soft silicone...

1. Apple AirPods – Top Earbuds for iOS Devices


Apple AirPods
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If there is a throne for earbuds, Apple’s Airpods certainly have a claim. Featuring a rich combination of traits and performance, Airpods easily stand from the crowd and are rightly considered one of the best wireless earbuds available in the market today.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Apple
  • Connections: Bluetooth, Wireless
  • Extra feature: optical sensors, plus a motion accelerometer
  • Charging Case: Lightning connector
  • Power and Battery: more than 24-hour battery life with Charging Case
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5 mm
  • Weight of each AirPod: 0.14 ounces (4 g)
  • Weight of Charging Case: 1.34 ounces (38 g)
  • Up to 5 hours of listening time on one charge, or up to 3 hours with just a 15-minute charge in the charging case.

Included in the Package

Aside from the AirPods, you will get their charging case, the usual instruction and warranty booklets, and a lightning charging cable.

Design & Build

If you have purchased anything at all from Apple, you will probably know its devotion to prime build quality and flawless design. AirPods are no exception.

The AirPods

The Apple AirPods are small, with the usual minimal touch favoured by Apple, and rather robust. Apple haters often describe them as “obtrusive,” failing to consider their design and purpose: they are earbuds, not earphones. By default, they will dangle straight down from the ear canal, for that is exactly what earbuds are meant to do! Personally, I find that much less irritating than having something inserted in my ear. Besides, they are so lightweight you will hardly notice them, provided they fit well.

At the bottom, you will find a single lightning charging port, while on the back there is the Bluetooth pairing button, used only for non-Apple devices.

A great design feature is the magnets, which making closing and opening the lid easier than ever. There is a second pair of magnets inside the case, ensuring that they won’t fall out even if the lid opens. Inside the lid, there’s a small LED, indicating whether the pairing is on or not.

Now, when it comes to fitting, we found them more than satisfactory. Of course, ear sizes and shapes vary greatly, so whether they will remain in position during running or working out depends largely on your… ears. To be sure, Apple itself has tried to make them easy to wear to as many people as possible, and they will surely not fall from anyone while walking about or working on your desk and office.

Last, each earbud has a tiny microphone for voice calls, as well as a small sensor affording you some controls when tapped.

The Charging Case

Made from a sturdy type of plastic, the charging case surprises you with its small weight and practical size, allowing you to carry it easily in your pocket, either to recharge the Airpods or just place them there when not in use – which is a very good idea, for, due to their small size, you can easily misplace and forget them or drop them without noticing it.


iOS Devices

As expected, connecting the AirPods to an iOS is very easy – almost automatic. Just tap “connect” on the card that will appear on your iPad or iPhone, and it will immediately connect to all other devices synchronised on your iCloud account.

As you will see or yourself, connectivity with sister devices is impeccable. Zero skips, great range (easily covers a whole house or floor, give or take 30 metres away from your device), full access to all iOS sensors and features! For example, if for some reason you need to take off one of them, instantly the music stops, and will only resume after you place it back in!

Double tapping the AirPod’s gives you immediate Siri access. Siri also allows you to control volume – actually is the only way to do it, which is a bit of an issue when you are using the subway. You can change the settings on iOS and use double tapping to pause or play a music track if you are not a friend of Siri or think you do not need it.

Another great feature appearing for the first time was their compatibility with Google Assistant.


Considering Apple’s disdain for using its products with those of other firms, AirPod’s connectivity to Android devices proved more than impressive. Obviously, it wasn’t as good as with iOS, and the range suffers a bit, but still more than satisfactory.

On the other hand, if you don’t have an iOS device, buying AirPods wouldn’t make sense. None of its cool features and sensors will work, and sound and playback quality will be pretty much the same with several other earbuds that are much cheaper. So, if you have an Android as your primary device, better move to another set of good-quality earbuds.

Battery Life

Apple insists that a single charge will keep them going for at least five hours, but that estimation is a bit exaggerated at maximum volume. Still, most people listen to their music at much lower dB rates so that you may expect at least four hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Sound Quality

Being earbuds, AirPods do suffer from a minimal, passive isolation. This, along with outside noises, naturally lowers sound quality. Still, that is something you must expect from all earbuds, no matter their quality. Their gain in versatility is their loss in sound quality.

Considering these expected drawbacks, AirPods feature a rather consumer-friendly sound.

  • Fantastic connection with iOS devices
  • Great features and sensors
  • Genuinely portable
  • Mediocre connection to Android devices
  • Sound quality is good, but not great

Our Opinion

True, sound quality isn’t great, but earbuds are neither designed nor purchased with sound quality as a top priority. Aside from that, AirPods boasts killer features, are very convenient, extra portable and reasonably priced – all these, provided you use them primarily with an iOS device.


2. Anker Soundcore Spirit X – Best Earbuds for Running


Anker Soundcore Spirit X
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The Anker Soundcore Spirit X is often described as headphones, but, since their ear tips do not actually enter the ear canal and have ear hooks, they easily fit our description of an earbud. On top of that, given their versatility, great features and minimalistic elegance and sturdy build, plus its great battery life, we simply could not leave them out of our list.

At a Glance

  • Designed for sports & exercise
  • Dimensions: 69 x 4.3 x 2.8 cm
  • Hard case (L 3.2″, W 3.2″, H 1.4″), volume 14 Inches2
  • Weight: 23 grams
  • With an ear hook for extra stability
  • Water-Resistant
  • Sweat-guard and liquid-proof technology
  • Superior comfort
  • Call/Music Control: Yes
  • Great sound
  • Battery life: 12 hours at moderate volume levels

Design & Build 

Featuring a much more interesting – and, in our view, upgraded – design than its predecessors, the Anker Spirit X immediately wins you with its sporty looks and rather convincing ear-hooks. They have an in-line remote and control scheme, with a straightforward 3-button setup. The buttons are more spaced out and responsive, and easier to push autonomously. Features-wise, you have easy access and prompt control of all essential functions, call and music, track skipping, and volume.

The earbuds, sleek and durable, are much comfortable and designed to stay put even while running or dancing. As mentioned, eartips do not actually enter the ear canal, making them much easier to wear and take off and much more comfortable, but taking their toll on sound quality. Still, if you want them for lengthy gym sessions, they are much preferable to in-ear headphones. The ear hooks are an excellent addition, ensuring much greater stability. Still, occasional slide-outs are to be expected when your activity involves sudden and violent head moves.

Now, when it comes to the casing, the Spirit X will not disappoint you. Enveloped in a hard case, they have nothing to fear from mere bumps to drops and scratches. The case is pretty compact too, fitting your pocket easily.

Having a bit more polished earbud design than its predecessors, the Spirt X also boasts a better liquid resistance. One thing that could be better is the somehow flimsy cables – which is a common con for all sorts of ear devices. Implementing a submarine-inspired structure and hydrophobic nano-coating, Spirit X indeed takes its liquid defence to the next level.

As to portability, the Anker Soundcore Spirit X will prove very easy to carry around, especially if you plan to use their sleek, compact case.


Now, here we finally come across a somehow weak spot. To be sure, they will meet your needs for workouts and bike sessions, but the Anker SoundCore Spirit X could use a connectivity upgrade.

First, they don’t support NFC and are not designed to pair to multiple devices at the same time. On the other hand, they remember the last device they were synchronised to.

The range is good; not improved compared to its predecessors, but good.


Sound quality is certainly a strong point for the Anker SoundCore Spirit X. Delivering a fairly deep, consistent bass (a bit overpowering one might say), a crisp and neutral mid-range, and an even and well-balanced treble, it could use a better emphasis on vocals and lead instruments on mid-range, but boast fantastic imaging.


Anker always sticks to its own charging technology, and Spirit X is no exception. The result? Around 12 hours of continuous use at moderate volume levels on a single charge (that lasts no more than 90 minutes). As noted by the manufacturer, this impressive duration translates to around 250 songs or a week of workouts! Not bad, don’t you think?

  • Sturdy casing
  • Portable design
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Flimsy audio cables

Our Opinion

Obviously, the Anker Soundcore Spirit X is among the best wireless sports earbuds or headphones (you choose the term you prefer) available in the market today, boasting a sturdy casing and an excellent performance – at least much, much better than its price suggests! Sure, it is not made for noisy environments, but it definitely meets our needs for workouts and sports, with the firm grip around the ear and comfortable fit.


3. Jabra Elite Active 65t True Wireless – Best Noise Cancelling (over £150)


Jabra Elite Active 65t True Wireless
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You may have never heard of Jabra before, but make no mistake: their Elite Active 65t Earbuds are often considered the fully wireless earbuds on the market. Occasionally labelled as “headphones,” Elite Active 65t boast a solid battery life, fantastic sound, and an array of great features set. Costing considerably more than most of our other picks in this list, we say in advance that they worth every penny of it.

Let us take a closer look.

At a Glance

  • Secure fitting earbuds with three different size ear gels included for custom comfort
  • Wearing style: Third generation true wireless
  • Engineered for: Calls, music and sport
  • Comes with a 60 day-free Audible Trial
  • Battery life: 5 hrs, 15 with charge case
  • Charging time: Accelerometer for rapid charge
  • within 15 minutes you have 1.5 hours’ battery,
  • 5 hours on a single full charge
  • 15 hours with charging case
  • Microphone: 4-microphone technology
  • Voice command: Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant (one touch access)
  • Dimensions: 3 x 2.5 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 63.5 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 340 g
  • 1 Lithium ion batteries required and included
  • Customisable music using the Jabra Sound+ app equaliser
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Updatable for high sound quality
  • AutoPause upon removing an earbud
  • AutoPower off for battery saving

Included in the Package

Apart from the earbuds – headphones and their charging case, you will find packaged in the box a small user guide, a micro USB charging cable, and two different ear tip sizes, small and large, as well as a pair of medium-sized rubber tips already installed on the headphones. Just pick the ones that fit better.

Design & Build

Let’ start with the first impression one gets upon glancing the Elite Active 65t:  featuring a discreet yet elegant black and silver blend and appealing circular shape, they have tiny yet discernible microphone-laden extrusions, resembling the looks of a headset.

Onboard control involves three very responsive buttons for playback control. Two of them on the left earbud afford control over the volume and track selection. Those on the right one allow you to play or pause the track, accept calls, and activate the “HearThrough” feature, allowing you to let some level of ambient sound. HearThrough is not just for kicks. Working out in the street while listening to music can put you in danger from passing cars; being able to hear some a car horn or other alarming sounds is of the essence.

As to portability, a mere glance at their size and charging case is enough, don’t you agree?

Charging Case

Looking like a pillbox or a gadget leaping out from the last Mission Impossible movie, the charging case has an LED charge indicator, a micro USB charging port at the bottom, and a flip-top tightly sealed lid. Underneath it, you find the perfectly carved sockets, designed for storing and charging the earbuds. A pair of holding magnets would make it perfect.

Upon opening the case, the external LEDs notify you of their battery state with the usual pulsing red and green indications.

Build & Fit

With a greatly improved casing compared to its predecessors, the Elite Active is designed to withstand rough workouts and exposure to sweat and water. Equipped with a motion sensor, they can track workout activity and boast excellent protection against water jets and dust. You can even rinse them off to keep them clean, marking a noticeable upgrade from previous models and competitors.

Now, fit-wise, the Elite Active 65t is a bit heavier than most of its competitors – a logical consequence of its sturdy construction – but its ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable fit and minimises the risk of accidental fall-outs, even in heavy workout sessions. Just place each one inside your ear and then slightly twist them counter-clockwise. Due to their minor size, make sure you push the buttons gently, to avoid pushing them into the ear canal and feel uncomfortable.

Connectivity & Range

Being among the few fully wireless earbuds in the market, the Elite Active 65t features a fantastic Bluetooth 5.0 connection, designed not to fail you even during rough work-outs, provided you phone remains with a reasonable range around your body.

Setting it up is simple and straightforward; just wear the earbuds and follow the voice instructions, pressing and holding the forward button on the left earbud and the button on the right earbud for three seconds.

Pairing them with your device is equally easy, even without installing the Jabra’s Sound+ app. Using the app though will afford several cool features, such as equalisation settings, activation of the HearThrough mode and auto-pause feature, automatically stopping or resuming playback when an earbud is removed from your ear. You can even pair it with certain PC models and laptops!

Elite Active 65t is instantly connected to Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, enabling you to do control your earbuds with voice commands, including setting configuration, messages etc.

Sound Quality

Considering the general sound quality issues characterising all earbuds, the Elite Active 65t delivers excellent sound, with a deep and punchy bass and joyous shimmery treble.

Note also that its 4-microphone technology minimises wind noise while making phone calls; along with the HearThrough over ambient sound, communication is as smooth as it can be.

Battery & Warranty

Battery life is more than decent – especially when enriched with so many great features. A single full charge will give you five hours of continued use. Also, two full charges of the charging casing afford an autonomy of 15 hours.

Elite Active 65t comes with a 2-year warranty against sweat and dust.

  • Sweat and dust proof
  • Fantastic fit
  • Portable
  • Steady connection
  • Fabulous noise isolation and excellent sound quality
  • Excellent battery life
  • No magnets in the charging case
  • Buttons should be pressed gently to

Our Opinion

Jabra Elite Active 65t hits the mark, any way you see it. Fully wireless, portable, durable, designed to withstand sweat, dust and intense work-outs without slipping out, they are by far the best pick in our list.


4. TOZO T8 True Wireless Stereo Headphones – Best Earbuds Under £50


TOZO T8 True Wireless Stereo Headphones
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The top priority of the TOZO T8 (again described bot as “earbuds” and “headphones”), is versatility – its ability to be used for several things and activities. The manufacturer strived and succeeded in reducing ambient noise, increasing battery autonomy, and affording a sporty yet elegant design.

Wish to take a gander?

At a Glance

  • Ideal for Running, Jogging, Cycling, Driving, Camping, Hiking, Gym Exercise, Business and Relaxation.
  • Professional Ear Cap Design
  • Dimensions: 2.34 x 1.7 x 2.16 cm
  • Weight (one headset): approximately 4.6 g
  • 3 Sets of Silicone Caps (Small, Mid, Large)
  • Music Playing Time: Up to 2.0 – 2.5 hours
  • Charging Time of Headset: around 1 hour
  • Charging Time of Battery Carrying Case: around 2 hours
  • Charging Headset Times from Battery Carrying Case: 2 – 3 times
  • Battery Carrying Case Supply Power for Headset Music Play Time: around 6 hours
  • Bluetooth Version: V4.1
  • Bluetooth Profiles Supported: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Battery of Headset: 45mAH Li-polymer Battery
  • Battery of charging box: 300 mAh
  • Charging Voltage of Base: 5V
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required and included
  • Truly Wireless and Easy Pairing
  • Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality

Included in the Package

Aside from the pair of TOZO T8 wireless earbuds and their 300mAh charging box, the package includes the user manual, a quick guide, one USB charging cable (without a wall adapter though), and 3 pairs of silicone ear caps, one (the medium) already in place and two packed into the black cable box.

Design & Build

Made from a robust type of plastic and painted with a sobering matte black, TOZO T8 feature a bizarre rectangular build that affords them a rather appealing, professional look. Externally, there are two small LEDs indicating their energy status; undoubtedly, they could be a little more discernible.

The TOZO T8 is designed to rest in their charging box, upon two pairs of metallic prongs, one for each earbud, charging them while not in use and keeping them connected and pairing them automatically with your devices. This smart feature makes their use much easier, returning swiftly to your music after brief or longer pauses or distractions. They are fully wireless, using no cables whatsoever.

One of their most exceptional characteristics is their extra small size and extremely easy handling. The buds have no buttons at all, they are extremely light and fit easily to the smallest pocket.

Charging Case

The charging case is almost as small as the earbuds, affording them even greater portability. Worth noting are its elegant silver-grey colour and the robust, promptly responsive case hinge.

A small issue with the charging case is the possibility to flop over on its side during recharge when the earbuds are not inside it since the case itself is very light.

Fit & Features

Setting a near-perfect fit among its top priorities, TOZO T8 comes with three sets of silicone ear tips – small, medium, and large, ensuring both comfort and noise isolation – which is essential for athletes who value concentration during their workouts. If indeed ambient noise gets on your nerves, then TOZO T8 is probably the ideal pick from our list.

Another great thing about them is their mono mode, enabling you to use just the right earbud (the one containing the command unit), and have unobstructed control of your environment from your left ear, and maximising safety while driving, crossing a busy street, etc.


Featuring full Bluetooth 4.1 support, including HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP, TOZO T8’s wireless range is more than decent and certainly way above average, reaching more than 40 feet (without obstructions, like walls) of zero connectivity issues. Walls and other obstacles will, of course, reduce the range to 15 feet.

As already mentioned, the TOZO T8 buds automatically connect and pair the moment you take them out of their charging case, making their use a breeze, especially for people who haven’t used earbuds before.

Sound Quality

TOZO T8 delivers what many reviewers call a “natural sound,” with a crisp midrange, highlighting vocal tones – ideal for calls, audiobooks and podcasts. Bass tones are balanced enough and can get even mightier via the equaliser settings. Its treble range is adequate yet typical.

This well-studied blend of sound configuration makes TOZO T8 great for music genres, particularly those with vocal tones, but not ideal for action-packed movies.

Battery & Warranty

Equipped with a small 45mAh lithium polymer set of batteries, the TOZO T8 has an energy autonomy of no more than two hours on a single charge – which is not bad, especially for a pair of earbuds of this price!

The charging case uses a mightier (300mAh) battery, enabling you to recharge them at least two times, which translates to around six hours of continuous use.

Note that recharging the earbuds takes no more than 60 minutes, and the charging case doubles that time – again pretty decent for their price. You will find the charging USB port under the lid – which is a bit annoying; outside the case would make plugging much easier, but, on the other hand, not so well protected.

TOZO T8 comes with a year’s warranty, covering the earbuds and the charging case alike.

  • Almost zero ambient noise
  • Perfect fit
  • Mono mode
  • Easy connection and pairing
  • The charging case is a bit too lightweight
  • Charging port could be better positioned

Our Opinion

To sum it up, TOZO T8 are economical, lightweight, deliver decent sound quality and perfect fit, as well as almost zero ambient sound. Handling and pairing are simple, battery life adequate, build sturdy enough. What more can you ask at such a price?


5. ENACFIRE E20 Wireless Headphones – Top Pick for 2020


ENACFIRE Wireless Earphones, E20 Bluetooth Headphones
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Optimised for music tracks and designed to help you focus on your sports and training sessions, ENACFIRE E20 has won the praises of buyers and reviewers the last months of 2020. Let us discover the reasons.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Enacfire
  • Model: E20
  • Headphone Connector: True wireless
  • Weight: 99.79 gr (without the charging case)
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Easy Paring Process & Operation – No buttons!
  • HD Stereo Sound
  • Driver type: Dynamic
  • Driver size: 10mm
  • Headphone type: Closed-back/ In-Ear
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20000Hz
  • Battery Life: 3.5 – 4 hours for the Earbuds and 88 Hours Charging Case

Included in the Package

  • Charging case
  • Ear tips
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • Instructions/Manual Booklet

Design and Build

Design-wise, Enacfire E20 is the essence of minimalism, without any compromises in build quality and durability – despite its affordable price.

Contrary to its immediate predecessors, the Enacfire E20 is a little larger, but still very comfortable, featuring a nice, curvy matte black housing and a silver button.

As to its controls, Enacfire E20 gathers three different functions, namely pause, rewind, and forward in a single button. While this is manageable, it is a bit disappointing that it lacks a built-in volume control/ adjustment. Still, most users control these settings from their mobile device, so it will hardly be an issue.

The charging case is much larger than its predecessors, but it feels solid, holding the earbuds securely and firmly. Note that it has two ports, one for charging and a USB port for mobile phone charging. Charge level is denoted by led indicators.


Although a bit larger than the previous E-series models, the E20 remain very comfortable, boasting an excellent fit and wearing balance. In fact, they are just great for use during workouts, because of their larger size and snugger fit. Besides, you get 3 different sized ear tips for a customised fit.

We should also mention since we are discussing the whole “during-workout” efficiency, that E20 offers great passive noise isolation – ideal for gyms with loud music, machine uproar and discussions. Last, while they are not waterproof, they are sweat and rain water-resistant.


Boasting Bluetooth 5.0 technology, E20 is a breeze to pair, affording stable connection and great connection distance – longer than any previous model.

Sound Quality

There is no reason to trouble you with the details here. I’ll just say that the sound quality of the E20 is amazing, with a good bass response and clear high-end and midrange sound output (except in music tracks with heavy drumming).

As to microphone and call quality, there is almost zero distortion. Just note that during calls, the sound comes only from the right earbud in its default setting, unless you want to change it to stereo.

Battery & Warranty

The charging case provides additional charge to the earbud if the need arises – and it truly excels in that, equipped with an in-built battery of 2600mAh. A fully charged case will recharge the earbuds several times, and each recharge will keep the earbuds going for at least 3 hours of continuous use.

  • Low energy consumption, great energy autonomy
  • Easy pairing
  • Very comfortable, perfect fit
  • Small and elegant
  • Crisp sound
  • It lacks a volume adjustment mechanism

Our Opinion

Excellent design, sung fit, easy operation, robust build – all wrapped up in a fantastic price. What more to ask for?


6. Meilun NB7 Wireless Earbuds – Great for Running and Relatively Cheap


Meilun NB7 Wireless Earbuds
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If futuristic design and great performance are what you seek, Meilun NB7 Wireless Earbuds are, undoubtedly, one of the best picks for you in our current list.

At a Glance

  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 8 x 5 cm
  • Weight: 5 grams
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery capacity:
  • Earbuds: 50mAh
  • Charging Box: 450mAh
  • Single earbud talk time: 3 hours
  • Single earbud music time: 2.5 hours
  • Standby time: 48 hours
  • Charging box capacity: 450mAh
  • Colour: Black
  • 2s Automatic Turn on
  • Binaural call
  • CVC 6.0 intelligent Noise Reduction
  • 3D Surround Sound
  • Signal Stronger, Faster Transmission, 20M Barrier-free Connection Distance
  • Truly Wireless Earphone
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Sweatproof
  • Magnetic
  • Built-in Mic
  • With 2 in 1 charging and storage box

Included in the Package

Inside the package, you will find, apart from the earbuds and their charging box, a charging cable, three pairs of earbuds, and the user manual. You also get a small cloth bag, just ideal every time you need to take the whole charging box with you.

Design & Build

As mentioned, the NB7’s amazing, futuristic design catches the eye the moment you cast your eye on them. Featuring an imposing deep black and reddish hue in the core of the earbud, they probably have the most impressive appearance in our list. A small extrusion for the built-in mic and a single button for the handling of all operation complete its innovative design. Their casing seems a bit… delicate though – it could be a little thicker or sturdier.

Weighing no more than 5 gr (for both earbuds), NB7 rests comfortably on the ear, affording you excellent control over its innovative features with a single button – activation, playback and pause, track selection, answer and hang-up, call rejection!

Designed primary for sports enthusiasts, the NB7 are both sweatproof and waterproof and exhibit excellent durability and sturdiness, despite their intricate, sophisticated technology.

Charging Case

The matching and rather portable storage box (no more than 3,6 inches in length and 1.1 in width) will fit even the smallest pocket. Note that the earbuds are nicely stored within the clear-cut sockets, equipped with magnet prongs for charging and safer keeping. The lid seals tightly and opens quickly. The position of the charging port allows the box to remain closed while recharging. Last, there is a small button within the box, between the two sockets, allowing you to start or stop the charging process at will.


Meilun NB7 come with pairs of eartips, small, medium and large, with the mediums already installed. We have personally seen how firmly remain in position while running, weight-lifting, and biking.


Adopting a pioneering Bluetooth 5.0, the NB7 guarantee stable connectivity and smooth transmission in high speed and long distance – at least 30 feet (with no obstacles in-between). A wall might drop the connectivity to less than half, which again is pretty decent for a pair of earbuds of this price.

Pairing is effortless and simple: upon taking them out, the Earbuds automatically boot into Paring Mode, and, having the Bluetooth activated in your phone, you click the corresponding option to connect. You can pair it with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and share music or switch calls between them.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is more than decent for a pair of wireless earbuds costing less than 50 euros. Equipped with specialised noise reduction features and a premium vibrating diaphragm technology, they deliver a solid 3D surround sound.


A single charge of the Meilun NB7 wireless earphones affords you 4 hours of continuous use, while a fully charged box can recharge them around four times, giving you an autonomy of no less than 16 hours!

  • Great price
  • Fantastic design
  • Compact and portable
  • Single touch technology
  • great battery autonomy
  • The casing of the earbud could be a bit sturdier

Our Opinion

Innovative technology enveloped in a fantastic design and offered at a surprisingly low price – a truly winning combination!


7. True Wireless Earbuds – Good for Working out 


True Wireless Earbuds
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We close our list with a similar pair of earbuds, both in price and in performance. Being almost identical in sound quality and style, it is mostly the looks and small differences in appearance that will make you choose the one over the other.

At a Glance

  • HD Loud Sound
  • LED display shows remaining power percentage
  • 1 Hour Quick Charge for approximately 4 Hours Playing
  • Portable Case Supports Recharging 4 Times, Total 16H Music Time.
  • The Latest Bluetooth 5.0 Tech
  • Dual Mic for Clear Calls
  • IPX5 Sweat-proof
  • True Wireless Headset, Hands-Free
  • Soft-click Functional Button with Cool LED

Included in the Package

Except for the wireless Bluetooth earbuds, the package includes two pairs of eartips (S, M), the necessary charging case, a USB cable, and the user manual.

Design & Build

Again, futuristic design holds sway here, but now with a few strokes of bright colour. The lid is almost transparent, and the sockets well cut for the tiny earbuds, with magnetic prongs for charging and secure holding. Nice, well-built and a bit sturdier than our previous pick, they as small as an earbud could ever be, so make sure to carry them around with their charging box to avoid losing them.

Weighing even less than 5 gr, they will rest comfortably in your outer ear canal, while their dual microphone will make your calls even clearer. Designed for use during training sessions, they bear enhanced sweat and water protection.


Coming with two pairs of eartips and one already installed, they stayed put no matter how hard we tried – within reason – to make them slip out of our ears while working out.


As with our previous pick, the Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures smooth transmission in high speed and long distance at around 30 feet without intervening walls. Obstacles would drop it to around 15 feet.

Pairing, again, is more than simple: taking the earbuds out of the case, press their multi-functional button for 3 seconds simultaneously until you see the blue indication. Then Wait till the right earbud flash the blue and red light. Next, just open the Bluetooth of your phone and search for the J29-R. Click to connect, and you are ready!

Battery & Warranty

A single charge gives you 4 hours, and a fully charged box affords you a 16-hour energy autonomy. The earbuds also come with a year’s guaranty.

  • Great price for value
  • Striking looks
  • Portable
  • Great battery autonomy
  • They are tiny and can easily be lost when carried around without their charging box.

Our Opinion

Great value for money and fantastic design were enough to get this one in our list of seven best wireless earbuds for 2020.