7 Best Juicers in the UK for 2020

Our Pick For March

BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer, 150W, Masticating Fruit & Vegetable Slow Juicer, Quiet Motor with 10...
7 Reviews
BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer, 150W, Masticating Fruit & Vegetable Slow Juicer, Quiet Motor with 10...
  • Very best features & high quality design Whisper quiet operation and easy cleaning - make juicing...
  • Produces a living juice - with nutrients and enzymes intact. Will stay fresh for up to 48 hours
  • Features a smart juice outlet cap, pulp storage plug, fine and course juicing strainers
  • Makes cold press juice, nut milks and fruit sorbets 10 Year Warranty!

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Top 3 Right now in the UK

Bestseller No. 1
Juicer Machine, Aicook 600W Wide Mouth Juice Extractor Juicers for Whole Fruit and Vegetable,...
73 Reviews
Juicer Machine, Aicook 600W Wide Mouth Juice Extractor Juicers for Whole Fruit and Vegetable,...
  • WHY THE AICOOK JUICER With a corrosion-resistant food grade 304 stainless steel sharp blades and...
  • DUAL SPEED VERSATILITY JUICER - Upgrade the motor for faster juicing but lower noise, under 60dB. It...
  • LARGER FEED CHUTE AND EASY TO CLEAN - 3'' feed chute, completely free your hands, no need to slice...
  • STABILIZATION AND ANTI-DRIP FUNCTION - Juicer bottom equipped with Non-slip rubber feet, allows you...
Bestseller No. 2
EASEHOLD Fruit Juicer Professional Whole Vegetable Extractor 800W Dual Juice Machine
140 Reviews
EASEHOLD Fruit Juicer Professional Whole Vegetable Extractor 800W Dual Juice Machine
  • Healthy & Delicious Juices: Extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins and juice from...
  • Higher Juice Yield: BPA free food grade stainless steel blade surrounded by filter to extract more...
  • Safe for Use: Safety is always our priority. This juicer extractor will not operate without juicer...
  • Easy to Clean: Very simple to use, assemble, disassemble and clean. It has the anti-drip discharge...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, 1.5 Litre, 500 Watt - Black
807 Reviews
Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, 1.5 Litre, 500 Watt - Black
  • Get more goodness in everyday with a delicious fresh juice. Non-slip feet
  • An easy way to increase your daily fruit and veg intake, the compact juicer makes up to 1.5l in one...
  • From zesty oranges to cooling cucumber, getting a wide variety of fruit and veg into your day is...
  • No mess, no fuss, simple pulp collection

1. Aicok Wide Mouth Juice Extractor 


Juicer Machine Aicok Juice Extractor
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The Aicok Wide Mouth Juice Extractor is known as a very powerful centrifugal juicer; and, based on what we saw, it

lives up to its reputation. It is fast and easy to use and ideal for those with a busy lifestyle as preparation time is minimal.

At a Glance

Weight4.34 Kg
Package Dimensions43.2 x 33.4 x 23.8 cm (17’’ X 13.2 X 9.4’’)
Food-Grade Safety Material
With 304 Culinary Grade Stainless-Steel Cutting Disc and Filter
Fine Detail Manufacturing75MM Wide Feed Chute
1L Juice Cup
Non-Slip Suckers Design, and Anti-Drip Function Juice Mouth
Powerful Functional Design
800W Powerful Motor with Dual-Speed Modes, Perfect for Various Fruits and Vegs
High-Speed Rotation Provides Fresh Nutritious Juice Within 30 Seconds!
Machine Protection MechanismSturdy Body with Easily Dismountable Parts
Safety Locking Arm for Securing the Cover in Proper Position during Operation and the Microswitch in Good Contact
3-Year Warranty
CE & GS Certification
Lifelong Technical Consultation
24/7 After-Sales Service

Package Content Includes:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Main Body
  • 304 Stainless Steel Precision Filter
  • Food Grade Materials Juice Outlet
  • Push Rod
  • Juice Jug
  • Residue Barrel
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instructions
  • Recipes


The design of the Aicok Juicer is attractive and functional.  The body is brushed steel with a shiny black and silver finish and plastic parts.

Note though that it will take up quite a bit of space on your kitchen top! Measuring (33.7cm (13.3”) x 23.3cm (9.2”) x 42cm (16.5”), it occupies a relatively large surface. It is also quite heavy, weighing 4Kg (8.8 lbs).


The Aicok Juicer processes rapidly due to it being a centrifugal type of juicer – ideal for people with a heavy schedule that need to prepare and drink up their juice in less than two minutes! Besides, this fast processing means that heat and oxidation get into the juice, which makes it necessary to drink the juice within 15 minutes before nutrients are lost. Note that it is equipped with a motor of 800W with Voltage of 120VAC, 60Hz.

Alternatively, you can store it in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

Quantity will not be an issue with Aicok. This unit is able to produce large amounts of juice very quickly, and the wide mouth (75mm/3”) means that there is no time wasted chopping up fruits and vegetables. For example, you can easily fit a whole apple inside!

The Aicok Wide Mouth Juice Extractor comes with an impressively large juice container of 1.1L (1.2 Qt). There is also a detachable container for pulp, which is extra-large with a 2L (2.1 Qt) capacity.

Probably its most distinguishing characteristic of this model is its functionality and clever design. It is extremely easy to operate.  There are three positions on the front knob:  On-Off, I for Low speed and II for High. It is recommended to use the Low speed for soft fruits and vegetables and the High speed for hard vegetables.  For leafy type vegetables, it is best to put them in between two hard vegetables on High.

It is simple to clean the Aicok Juicer because the detachable parts are all BPA-free and safe to put into your dishwasher.

Last, note that it comes with a 2-Year warranty.

  • Reasonable Price
  • Powerful Motor with 2 Speeds
  • Wide Feed Chute
  • Safe Operation with Locking Handle
  • Easy to Clean
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • No Manual Included
  • One-Minute Maximum Running Time with 2-Minute Cooling Time

Our Opinion

If you need to make a lot of juice at a time and want a fast and convenient juicer, then this is the machine for you.  The Aicok Juicer Wide Mouth Juice Extractor needs very little preparation time and is easy to use.

It is not expensive and works efficiently, all in all, an excellent buy and an excellent addition to your kitchen.


2. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer – Strong and Simple to Use


Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer Machine
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Same firm, different philosophy. The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Press juice extractor, although small, is designed to produce juice of better quality than centrifugal type juicers, preserving almost all of the fruit’s and vegetable’s vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals and nutrients.

At a Glance

Wattage150 W
Voltage250 V
Dimension11.8 X 6.5 X 13.7 inches
Cord Length4.0 feet
Speed80 rpm
DC motor
CE Certified
Capacity1 Cup
MaterialBPA FREE, Food Grade Materials
Number of Speeds1
Special FeaturesHigher juice yield and drier pulp for fruits and vegetables
Low speed 60 RPM with 150W quiet motor
Higher Nutritional Value
Convenient to install and silent to run
3 Years Warranty


The body of this good-looking juicer is made from sturdy BPE free plastic, featuring an elegant combination of black and green finish.

Featuring a lightweight (3.4Kg/7 lbs) and compact design (check the dimensions) it will easily fit onto your kitchen counter.


Being a heavy-duty juicer & juice extractor, the Aicok Slow Juicer uses advanced technology, awarded for its efficiency both UL and ETL Certification.

Mastering various functions, this model is primarily designed to extract juice even from the toughest fruits and vegetables, like ginger, without having issues, though, with more tender ingredients, like celery and leafy greens.

As already mentioned, the whole idea behind its design is to boost the juice’s nutritional value, by masticating juicer spins at a low 80 RPM. Thus, it preserves not only the pulp’s vitamins but also very sensitive nutrients, like enzymes, minerals, trace minerals and nutrients from being destroyed.  Oxidation is minimal with low heat build-up.

Another plus is that there is less foaming and clogging with higher juice yield and the pulp is therefore drier.  Note:  Press “R” switch to prevent clogging. The juice tastes amazingly rich, fresh and full of flavour due to the auger squeeze and “reverse” function.

If you hate noise, then you will love this one! The operation of the Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer is almost silent, barely reaching 60 decibels.  It is easy to operate and clean since all detachable parts are safe to use in the dishwasher.

  • More juice, vitamins, enzymes and mineral
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous operation
  • Simple to operate and clean
  • Silent at only 60 decibel
  • UL & ETL Certification
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Small feeder chute, chopping necessary
  • Not recommended to use more than 20 minutes at a time
  • No good for ice or frozen foods

Our Opinion

The Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer helps you to lead a healthier life by providing high-quality juices.  It is an excellent buy at a reasonable price.  It operates quietly and is easy to use and clean.


3. Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer – Best Spacesaver


Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer
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The Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer will provide you with delicious juice and is very inexpensive.  It only has one speed, so it is simple to use and ideal for first-time juicers.

At a Glance

Model NumberHR1832/01
Weight1.86 Kg
Dimensions15 x 17 x 31 cm (5.9’’ X 6.7’’ X 12.2’’)
Capacity0.5 litres
Power/ Wattage500 watts
Voltage240 volts
Number of Speeds1
Energy Efficiency ClassA
Annual Energy Consumption1 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
Compact Design
Non-Slip Feet
Transparent Pulp Container
Simple Pulp Collection
Quick Clean Technology for Effortless Cleaning in Just 1 Minute


As implied by its name, the Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer is small and lightweight, and it will comfortably fit into any kitchen without taking up too much space.  In fact, it is half the size of most juicers with a small footprint. That means you can easily leave it on the counter for easy access, even if your kitchen top is already a bit… ‘crowded.’

Note that this particular model is designed with round shapes and smooth surfaces. It usually comes in Black or White with a transparent lid and pulp container.


Boasting its innovative QuickClean technology, the Philips 1832/01 Juicer can be cleaned in under a minute! Its integrated pulp container and round, smooth surfaces are easily wiped or rinsed off.

Another interesting trait is its transparent pulp container: it is simple to keep an eye on the level of pulp and check when the container is full – by looking through the see-through lid.

Just place your glass (maximum height:12 cm or 5”) under the integrated tap and juice, and you will be able to make up to 1.5L/3Pts of juice without emptying the pulp container – another great advantage!

The drip stopper is also easy to remove and dishwasher-safe and of course, keeps your counter surface clean.

The Philips 1832/01 only has one speed, so it is simple and yet efficient to operate.  It comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Compact, lightweight
  • Easy to clean & operate
  • Quiet operation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Juice container could be larger
  • Narrow feeding tube means more preparation time in chopping
  • Safety clamps are a little fragile

Our Opinion

The Philips 1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer is inexpensive, easy to use and keep clean.  It is a simple juicer that yields high-quality juice.  It takes up very little space, and we can recommend it highly, especially for beginners.


4. Sage Nutri-Juicer


Sage BJE520UK the Nutri Juicer Plus Centrifugal Juicer
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The Sage Nutri-Juicer Plus is a powerful, high-end centrifugal juicer.  It boasts five speeds and can also be used as a puree extractor to make smoothies and desserts.

At a Glance

Model NumberBJE520UK
Weight8.42 Kg
Dimensions27 x 43 x 19 cm (10.6″ X 16.9″ X 7.5″)
Capacity1.2 litres
Power/ Wattage1300 watts
Voltage240 volts
MaterialStainless Steel
Number of Speeds5
Includes2 Discs to Tackle Every Kind of Fruit and Vegetable
The Froojie Disc, combined with the Nutri Juicer Plus insert, is perfect for soft fruits (bananas, mangoes and strawberries), smoothies, sauces and dips
The Nutri Disc, with reinforced titanium cutting blades, is ideal for tougher fruits and vegetables, such as apples, pears, carrots and ginger
Easy Dismantling Apart for Efficient Cleaning – All Parts Are Dishwasher Safe!
Extra-Large 84 Mm Chute-Less Need for Chopping Before Juicing
Central Feed Technology Extracting Up to 70% Of The Nutrients from The Fruit with Minimal Heat Transfer
Variable Speed for Maximum Nutrition
FeaturesElectronic Variable Speed Control
Safety Locking Arm
2 Different Disks for Hard and Softer Fruits and Veg
2L Juice Jug
3 Litre Pulp Container and Cleaning Brush
Dishwasher Safe Parts
Box ContainsJuicer with Nutri and Froojie Disc
Cleaning brush


The design of the Sage Nutri-Juicer Plus is sturdy but not heavy with a very nice feel about it.  It is in grey plastic and silver stainless-steel with a transparent lid and bowl.

The whole unit is very compact considering how powerful this juicer is.  Its dimensions (without the jug attached) allows you to fit it easily even in the smallest of counters.  It stands at 43cm/16.9” which is standard.  The power cable is just over a metre, for easy placement on your worktop.


This powerful juicer plus has a 1300Watt motor and a 3L/6Pt pulp container with a 1.2L/2.5Pt juice jug with froth filter and lid.  The feed chute is 8.4cm (3”) so that you don’t need a lot of chopping which cuts down on preparation time.  There is also a Froojie extractor for purees.

The pulp container is transparent, as is the juice jug, the latter also has a built-in froth separator plus millilitre measurements shown on the outside to facilitate making anything to a recipe.

The Nutri-Juicer Plus has a straightforward control panel.  There is an on/off switch, an LCD speed indicator and speed control dial.  With each turn of the dial, various suggestions are lit up as a guideline on the screen. For example, for soft fruit and vegetables, you would use the first setting and for tough items, the number 5 setting.

There is a safety feature of a metal locking arm with a grey rubber coated handle which holds the lid in place.  If in the unlocked position, the screen will indicate a flashing ‘L’ and the machine will not turn on until locked into place.

The Sage Nutri-Juicer is equipped with two discs:  The Nutri disc is stainless steel with reinforcements of titanium cutting blades.  These are encircled with a micro mesh filter to ensure the highest amount of juice and nutrients every time.

The Froojie disc is designed to juice ‘impossible’ fruits such as bananas and various other soft fruits.  The Froojie acts like a blender in that it crushes fruit into a puree, without pulp.  A plastic bowl fits around the blade.

The package also includes a removable rubber juice nozzle for juicing straight into a glass.  There is a cleaning brush specifically for the mesh filter and sharp blades of the discs.

As well as the General Instructions, there are some Tips & Techniques which may come in useful.  Unfortunately, there is no special recipe book included.

Still, you can invent all sorts of amazing smoothies yourself with a little imagination, and they will be delicious and unique.

  • Powerful motor with five speeds
  • Great for smoothies & purees as well as juices
  • Easy to clean & operate
  • Choice of two discs
  • A bit pricey if you don’t intend to use the puree option
  • Tiny Leakage at maximum speeds

Our Opinion

This juicer is expensive, but it is so much more than just a juicer with its two discs which can produce delicious smoothies and purees.  It is well worth the money if you use it frequently to its full capabilities.

Once you try it out, you will wonder how you managed without it!


5. Bagotte DB-002 – Upgrade 800W Juicer Machine


Juicer, Bagotte Upgrade 800W Juicer Machine
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Upgraded to an 800-Watt high power, the already famed DB-002 juicer by Bagotte produces 1100ml juice in just 10 seconds.

At a Glance

Weight4.96 Kg
Special Features3″ Wide Mouth
800W Power
Easy to Clean
Low Noise
Anti-drip Function
Stainless Steel 304 Filter and Blender
Free Recipe Book and Cleaning Brush
Dual Speed Modes, BPA-Free
3-Years Worry-Free Warranty


All Bagotte juicers are a breeze to assemble and disassemble. Featuring a sleek design and a sturdy BPA-free build, and equipped with a 3.3″ feed chute, the upgraded DB-002 can easily handle an entire fruit, like an apple or pear, and juice it, saving you precious time from cutting and slicing the fruit.

Its innovative design allows for a surprisingly fast cleaning, which hardly takes more than two minutes, with the dedicated cleaning brush doing most of the job, especially in the most dangerous part, the blades, which are made from top-notch stainless steel surrounded by precision filters.


Its brand new motor masters speeds of up to 23,500 R/min. There are two speed modes: Low, denoted by the “I” symbol, suitable for soft fruits, like bananas, ripe apples and oranges, as well as vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce. High (“II”), designed for hard produce, like unripe apples, carrots, celery and ginger.

One of its stronger points is its extraction efficiency, being able to extract more juice and vitamins and minerals than most of its similarly-priced competitors – almost 25% more!

Design with anti-drip function, no need to worry about juice spilling everywhere. A safety lock is added for extra use safety, especially from underage users: in case the temperature goes over 105 degrees, the electric motor stops automatically.

As soon as juicing is up, all of the pulp ends up into the bin compartment. You can easily then remove the plunger and the top part of the juicer car, using a lever placed at the top.

  • Simple to operate
  • Two-speed settings
  • Able to contain an entire fruit without cutting
  • Easy to clean
  • 800-Watt powerful motor
  • None worth mentioning at this price

Our Opinion

Efficient, easy to use and clean, with an elegant look and a two-speed setting, the mighty upgraded DB-002 will cater to your needs, producing fresh juice from any kind of fruits and vegetables in no time.


6. KitchenAid Artisan Maximum Extraction Juicer


KitchenAid Artisan 5KVJ0111BAC Maximum Extraction Slow Juicer
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The KitchenAid Artisan Maximum Extraction Juicer uses a slow speed in order to produce more juice.  It has three screens which means you can either have less or more pulp and can also make sauces.  The foam screen ensures that your juice is foam free.

At a Glance

BrandKitchenAid Artisan
ColourAlmond Cream
Weight12.8 Kg
Dimensions17.3 x 29.2 x 45.5 cm (6.8’’ X 11.5 X 17.9’’)
Two-Stage Slow Juicing Technology with Stainless
Comes with Stainless Steel Pre-Slicing Blade and Auger Assembly
Designed to Be Easy to Use


It is highly attractive to look at, coated in a nice-looking glossy red candy apple finish and with a body of long lasting die cast metal.  True, it is a little heavy at 13.52Kg/30 lbs, but its gravitas makes it also extremely stable.


This machine has many parts, and it is quite difficult to put it all together for the first time. Fortunately, there is a guide which explains the procedure step by step, which you can follow until you get used to it.

The operation of the KitchenAid Artisan Maximum Extraction Juicer is very quiet.  Actual cleaning of the machine takes longer than usual since some parts need scrubbing first with the brush included.  Once that is done though, you just pop everything into the dishwasher.

The KitchenAid Artisan juicer has three pulp screens: a high pulp screen, low pulp screen and sauce screen.

A scooped hopper at the top enables you to pour in small fruit or vegetables easily.  There is also a removable drip tray below to catch any stray drops.

The blades are built into an auger that slices the fruit or vegetables before squeezing the juice out.

A slider switch controls the operation of the unit.  There is only one speed and a reverse one that clears any clogging.  The open or closed position of the pulp chute enables contents to be separated into juice and pulp or one mixture if you are making a sauce.

The motor is 250Watts.  The dimensions are H45.5cm/18” x W17.3cm/6.7”x D29.2cm/11”.

  • Juicing in two stages
  • Variable pulp screens
  • Also makes sauces
  • Quiet to operate
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to assemble with multiple parts
  • No recipe book included
  • Expensive

Our Opinion

The KitchenAid Artisan Juicer is ideal for seasoned juicers but not recommended for first-timers.  Just putting it all together may put them off.

This machine should last a lifetime and is, therefore, worth the price, it has a lot of smart features, is attractive to look at and it is a must for anyone who loves to cook and create new sauces or just experiment with food.


7. BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer – Best Cold Press – Our Pick This Month


BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer, Masticating Fruit & Vegetable Slow Juicer
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If you are on the market for a slow juicer, the BioChef Synergy is a really good choice. The price is reasonable enough. It is simple to assemble, with not too many parts to clean and will give excellent results.

The unit also comes with a 10-year motor warranty and 5-year parts warranty.

At a Glance

Model NumberBCSYN
Weight6.4 Kg
Dimensions21.5 x 16 x 40 cm (8.5’’ X 6.3’’ X 15.7’’)
Materialstainless steel
Very Best Features & High-Quality Design Whisper Quiet Operation and Easy Cleaning – Make Juicing Simple and Easy
Produces A Living Juice – With Nutrients and Enzymes Intact. Will Stay Fresh for Up to 48 Hours
Features A Smart Juice Outlet Cap, Pulp Storage Plug, Fine and Coarse Juicing Strainers
Makes Cold Press Juice, Nut Milks and Fruit Sorbets 10 Year Warranty!
This Product Is Built to British Standards and Is Equipped with A British Plug to Fit All Standard Wall Sockets


The BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer comes in White, Black, Grey or Red.

The design is simple and functional, specifically made for quiet operation.  It is compact and lightweight.


This machine comes with two juicing screens:  fine and coarse. In this way, you can choose the amount of fibre in your juice.  The coarse screen will offer a rich fibre fruit juice whereas the fine screen will give you a juice free of pulp.

Both screens are produced from Tritan, which is a highly durable and strong polycarbonate, a truly BPA free material.

The BioChef Synergy is equipped with a convenient juice outlet cap so that you can easily dispense juice into a glass or jug.  The juice is pre-mixed in the drum and ready to drink.

The BioChef Synergy is versatile in that it can also make milk alternatives, such as almond or soy milk.  Just feed soaked nuts through the juicer, keeping the pulp plug open so that the milk can flow freely.

The unit can also make fruit sorbets with its crushing and squeezing mechanism — ideal for dinner party desserts or a treat for the kids.

Also enclosed is a BioChef Recipe Book which is full of exciting ideas for you to try out and experiment.

  • 10-year motor warranty/5-year parts warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Made from Tritan BPA Free Polycarbonate
  • 2 Pulp screens
  • Easy to assemble & clean
  • Produces a juice with nutrients and enzymes intact which will stay fresh for 48 hours
  • Some complaints about clogging up
  • Difficult to clean out the pulp

Our Opinion

The BioChef Synergy Slow Juicer is an excellent value for money pick and is unique in that it can make sorbets and even squeeze milk from nuts.  It is an ideal addition to any serious chef’s kitchen. If you enjoy cooking, you will enjoy using this machine.