7 Best Video Baby Monitors in the UK for 2020

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Tenboo Baby Monitor with Camera Video Baby Monitor Wireless 3.2' LCD Digital Screen for Signal...
439 Reviews
Tenboo Baby Monitor with Camera Video Baby Monitor Wireless 3.2" LCD Digital Screen for Signal...
  • 🎅2.4 GHz Wireless Baby Monitor is the best assistant for parents:safe technology with...
  • 🎅Safe Baby Monitor: Infrared night vision The baby unit of the baby monitor has a calming night...
  • 🎅Video Baby Monitor Security: 3.2 "color TFT LCD screen and excellent quality, an ideal choice as...
  • 🎅8 Lullabies: Recorded songs from cradle can help parents reassure their baby fall into a dream....

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Best Video Baby Monitors Right Now

SaleBestseller No. 1
Victure Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera Support Infrared Night Vision Room Temperature Audio...
148 Reviews
Victure Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera Support Infrared Night Vision Room Temperature Audio...
  • 3.2" High Quality LCD Display and 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Transmission: Adopted a 3.2 inch TFT LCD...
  • Infrared Night Vision andTemperature Monitoring : Provided with clear infrared night vision, the...
  • Two Way Talk and Multi-scenery Support : Equipped with the advanced and high-sensitivity microphone...
  • VOX Wake-up Mode and Feeding Alarm Reminding: When your baby is crying out, the screen will auto...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Victure Baby Monitor Pet WiFi Camera 1080P 2.4Ghz Indoor Camera with Night Vision Motion Detection...
1,148 Reviews
Victure Baby Monitor Pet WiFi Camera 1080P 2.4Ghz Indoor Camera with Night Vision Motion Detection...
  • [MOTION DETECTION]- When Victure WIFI camera detects moving and abnormity, notifications will be...
  • [2 WAY AUDIO/SHARING ACCOUNT]-Victure WIFI Camera built-in 48dB microphone & speaker and anti noise...
  • [1080P/NIGHT VISION]- 120°wide-angle lens, 1920×1080, 8 invisible infrared LEDs let you see...
  • [CLOUD/SD STORAGE]-Local storage supports up to 64GB Micro SD card. Encrypted security cloud storage...
SaleBestseller No. 3
BT Smart Video Baby Monitor with 5 inch screen
152 Reviews
BT Smart Video Baby Monitor with 5 inch screen
  • Large 5 inches colour screen/ night vision/ remote controlled pan (motorised)
  • Works with ios and Android devices/ free app on apple app store or Google Play store
  • Wi-fi connection to your home wireless router/ works with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant
  • Sound level lights – for when you don’t want to hear every snuffle, but you want to be alerted

1. SUNLUXY – 2 inch Color LCD Wireless Digital Audio Video Baby Monitor

Sunluxy Video Monitor
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At a glance

With 300 5-star and 4-star reviews out of a total of 370, this model caught our eye, and it became even more attractive once we saw the unbeatable price! Just a penny under £50 after the generous discount on Amazon.co.uk, this video monitor is rightfully considered a bargain! But let’s have a closer look at the specs.

Range: The device is wireless, and communication is feasible through 2.4G radio waves. According to the manufacturer, this monitor allows you to watch over your baby from a maximum distance of 260 meters. Of course, this range might be shortened due to several factors that can affect the quality of the signal (i.e. thick walls, electronic devices etc.), but other than these mishaps, 250 meters is a fair distance given the very low price this monitor is available.

Battery Life: You have just discovered the reason why this monitor is offered at such a low price – battery life. Out of all the basic characteristics of a great monitor buy, battery life is, unfortunately, the Achille’s heel for the otherwise great Sunluxy’s 2.0-inch video baby monitor. Offering 2-3 hours operation time unplugged and without the save mode is not too bad for the price. What most buyers do is leave the camera plugged in constantly and have the parent’s viewing monitor plugged or unplugged. Having the device on VOX mode (a mode that turns the screen off if no sound is heard from the transmittance room, and automatically turns it on when your baby makes any noise)  gives you 5 hours extra working time, which is pretty good for the price.

Night Vision: Sunluxy’s 2.0-inch monitor is equipped with infrared LED lights so that you can watch your baby’s movements even if the room is completely dark. It is reported that VOX mode does not provide clear night views but you can adjust this saving power mode to a high sensitive status, and the results are far better.

Functionality and Extra Features: Inside the package, you will find a small manual with just a few pages of clear instructions with pictures, so setting up the device is pretty easy, while the parent unit has only 6 basic buttons, similar to the buttons of a smartphone, which makes handling the monitor literally a piece of cake. The design is really simple, plain white with a splash of green colour to the sides. The handy clip on the back of the monitor allows you to carry it with you hands-free, clipped on your clothes or belt. What is also great is that the device allows you to talk to your baby to calm it down or select one of the eight available lullabies for that purpose.

Our Opinion

Sunluxy’s 2.0-inch video baby monitor is a very good choice, especially if you are after a fair monitor at a very affordable price. We cannot say this monitor is flawless (the battery life, for example, might be a little disappointing), but again, all the other great features and the easiness of the operation seal the deal.

2. GHB Video Baby Monitor – with Camera 2.4’’ Wireless Night Vision

Ghb Baby Monitor
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At a glance

With the latest running offer in Amazon.co.uk, GHB Video Baby Monitor is just a tad pricier than the previously mentioned monitor, yet has so much to offer. This model comes with a long cord, which allows you even to mount the camera unit on the ceiling. The parent’s unit displays some very useful data all the time, such as temperature, time and battery level. But let’s have a more thorough look!

Range: Manufacturer claims that the signal can be transmitted within a 270 meters range without the help of wires, which really makes this monitor a value for money option. The reality checks prove these claims to be true; Out of the 135 reviews, 117 buyers declare perfectly happy with the purchase, the product is as described and that it is well worth the money. So far so good regarding the range, then!

Battery Life: Once again, battery life is not at its best here. Unplugged and without the saving energy mode (this brand names it ECO mode) the battery lasts around 3 hours. That said, with ECO mode on, the battery lasts up to 12 hours! Another advantage is the battery life indicators displayed on the parent’s unit, a real lifesaver that warns you when the battery is close to dropping dead. All in all, this is not too bad given the very low price, so we really can’t complain much!

Night Vision: This model has an improved night vision technology. As mentioned in the title, the monitor features a 2.4’’ screen, with a very good resolution, vivid colours and 2x zoom option. As expected, video quality is reported clear and sharp by most of the reviewers, so no problems here.

Functionality and Extra Features: The GHB 2.4’’ Video Baby Monitor is very easy to use – clean design, just a few buttons, easy to set up and start right away! As we mentioned at the beginning, it comes with a very long cord, about 1.8 meters long, which is very convenient if you want to place the device high on a wall or even hang it from the ceiling. This option is also safe both for the device and your child because these two should be as far away from each other as possible to avoid unlucky incidents! Another perk that you get with this monitor is the temperature indicator, which is very useful especially if you want to keep a steady temperature in your baby’s room. Moreover, of course, the lullabies are not out of this list! The music mode offers you a collection of soothing songs to put your loved ones to sleep in a snap!

Our Opinion

The GHB 2.4’’ Video Baby Monitor is an excellent choice – cheap price, temperature and battery-life indicators, lullabies, long cord, crisp image on the screen and easy operation! The only fault we can find is the battery life, but at least you can see the level of the indicators! Not bad at all! What’s next? 

3. HelloBaby HB24 – Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, Night Vision Temperature Monitoring & 2 Way Talkback System

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At a glance

Originally retailing at £130, this high-budget option becomes more affordable with the latest discount in Amazon.co.uk. This model seems to have all the package: decent battery life, great range and excellent picture quality day or night. However, let’s have a closer look.

Range: Hello Baby HB24 Baby Monitor has an impressive range of 300 meters, which means that you can be easily at the garden barbecuing and at the same time watch over your baby taking a nap! Another plus of this device is the indicators that warn you when you get out of range, a very useful add-on feature.

Battery Life: It seemed logical to us that as we are ascending the price range, we would meet batteries with better performance. And indeed, that is the case. Hello, Baby’s HB24 battery life is far better than the previous two monitors mentioned due to the built-in rechargeable Li-polymer battery, but it still needs a charging during the day. Moreover, if you switch the device to the VOX mode (the power saving mode), the battery lasts all day long.

Night Vision: Clear and crisp view of your child even at pitch-dark is accomplished with the help of powerful lamps attached to the camera. The only slight problem here is that -as a few buyers reviewed- these lamps are sometimes too bright for the eyes and they tend to be a little irritating. Hats off, though to Hello Baby for trying to provide parents with the best night vision possible!

Functionality and Extra Features: The beautiful black ‘n’ white design with the large buttons make the device appealing to the eyes and at the same time very easy to use. The manual included in the package can solve any question you might have and make the setup even easier. As for the extra features, the parent unit can be connected with up to 4 cameras, so that you can check more than one children or other places of your home at the same time. Of course, you can talk to your child or sooth it with one of the eight lullabies of the device’s collection, zoom in when you want to see more clearly what is going on and know the temperature in your baby’s room at all times.

Our Opinion

Hello Baby has done a pretty good job here, and it is also good that this monitor is now offered at a reasonable price. One of the things that we could mention as a drawback is the intense lights used for the night vision, but, all in all, Hello Baby HB24 Baby Monitor is a very good option that will not let you down easily. Next, we are stepping into the high-end zone.

4. Tommee Tippee – A High-Quality Camera/Monitor

Tommee Monitor
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At a glance

Tommee Tippee is a renowned brand in the UK. Products are made with good quality materials, and that is why theιr monitors tend to be pricier than most of the other monitors in the market. Nevertheless, with the frequent great discount options on Amazon, you can get one in your hands for less than £100. But does it really worth the price? Let’s see.

Range: Tommee Tippee Video Sensor Monitor’s range is 300 meters maximum. This means you can move freely around the house and in the garden without getting out of range, but even if you do, the out-of-range indicator will let you know. The range is really good, but we could not say that it took us by surprise. For the price, we did not expect anything less.

Battery Life: Battery lasts up to 8 hours of constant transmission of audio and an occasional use of the screen. “Not so different from the others”, you might think. Yet, what really makes this monitor stand out from the rest of the bunch is the option of having the camera, and not only the parent unit, run with batteries. This feature is very useful when you are staying at a friend’s house, and you want to monitor the baby, but there is no socket available at a proximity to the cot.

Night Vision and Image Quality: As a high-end product, Tommee Tippee’s monitor provides excellent day and night views through the bigger 3’’ screen and with the help of proper lighting, which is adjustable through the parent unit. Out of almost 260 customer reviews on Amazon.co.uk, half of them speak about the crisp picture of the screen, which switches on automatically upon detecting any noise from the baby’s room.

Functionality and Extra Features: The design is pretty sleek, with soft-touch keys for a convenient experience for the user. Nevertheless, there are some controls that you need to search a little bit to find them, such as the control for the sensitivity of the sensor mat. And, speaking of the sensor mat, this might be the key extra feature of the Tommee Tippee’s Video Sensor Monitor. The sensor pad is placed under the baby’s mattress and detects the movement of your baby. If the baby does not make the slightest move for 20 seconds, an alarm starts beeping in the parent’s unit to check on the baby. This is a unique and very useful feature, especially when your child grows up and starts trying to “escape” the cot. One thing, though that Tommee Tippee could fix is to differentiate the alarm sounds of the low battery indicator and the sensor pad because it has been reported that it has given some frights to the parents.

Our Opinion

Tommee Tippee’s monitor is a great choice and stands in the middle of our affordable towards the pricier list. If you are willing to pay some extra pounds, it is a choice that guarantees quality signed by Tommee Tippee, excellent range, battery life and night vision. It might not sing lullabies to your loved little one(s), but you will have a peace of mind that they are safe. Worth it or not? In the end, it is your call.

5. Angelcare AC1100 – Great Design and Performance

Angelcare AC1100 Digital Baby Monitor
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At a glance

Next, on our list comes the Angelcare AC1100 combo, including audio, video and movement baby monitor. AC1100 has a great product design and covers all that a parent needs from a baby monitor. With a great range of up to 650 ft. Open field; you can be sure you will monitor your baby even in distances where other devices have pure reception.

Night View and Image Quality: The image quality of the AC1100 follows the high-quality standards of the AC1xxx products series indeed. The existence of infrared LEDs will produce a high-resolution, clear and crisp view on the night, while the parents’ unit is equipped with an adequate 2.75 inches to colour LCD. Due to the 60+ channels of reception, the image quality remains good and without artefacts even when your distance to your baby climbs up to 200m. The unit lacks a remote motorised tilt and pan adjustment. Still, you can orient the unit towards your baby and adjust the tilt using a screw-like foot on the back of the device manually. Using the parent’s unit menu, you can zoom the image without any significant loss of quality.

Battery Life: Both the parent and the nursery units require AAA batteries to operate. Moreover, the 3 AAA type batteries on the nursery unit are not even rechargeable. Now, don’t be hasty and take it as a bug. It is actually a feature. The concept is that if the mains powered nursery unit goes out due to a power outage, the batteries will take over and you will not lose connection with your baby. Alternatively, you can just use the device in places where no power outlet is available. On the other end, the parents unit requires 3 AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries (provided). These are recharged every time you leave the unit on the cradle. The parents unit is not designed to stay on constantly. If you do try to keep the screen on, you will realise that the batteries drain out in less than an hour. And draining out the batteries increases the chances to wear them out prematurely. A fully charged parent’s unit can last 8 hours of operation in power save mode.

Functionality and Extra Features: With AC1100 you can use more than one nursery units in the same room. Just select different channels from the 64 available, and you are done. The setup of the device’s three parts, the sensor mat, the nursery unit, and the parent’s video monitor unit is very easy. Use the hold function to inactivate the movement sensor pad temporarily. That way you could hold your baby in your arms without the fear of firing the alarm on both ends, the nursery, and the parent’s unit. Another great feature of this monitor is the night light. Using the switch on the side of the device, you can turn a soft blue light on. Combined with the outline of the nursery device, it all creates the notion of a small angel with a soft blue-tinted halo. This picture may draw the attention of your baby, make it feel safe and may help you earn the satisfaction of a direct look at your baby into the camera.

The audio connection is very good, and the device offers added capabilities such as temperature monitoring, sleep time patterns monitoring or inform you about when it is time for feeding. Two-way intercom is there to make sure that both you and your baby stay audio-connected and feel close to each other. The quality is again very good as the noise levels are rather low.

The most important feature of the set is none other than the movement sensor pad. This pad was designed and tested with the aim to fight off SIDS and provide effective ways to avoid it. It will sign an alarm signal if the baby is not moving for more than 20 seconds. This role is crucial for the health and safety of your baby. And AC1100 is here to help out. With fine-grain control over sensitivity, you can set up the module easily to minimise false alarms and in the meantime stay reassured about your child’s health and safety.

Our Opinion

The verdict regarding the Angelcare AC1100 is overall positive. It is equipped with far more than the usual features, and it is meticulously crafted to the finest detail. Its movement sensor pad will help your baby stay safe and your mind sound. High-resolution imaging with great detail even in the dark and long range of the radio link is an added benefit. The lack of remote control of pan and tilt as well as the reduced lifespan of batteries under stress due to screen usage are notable points, but with a price of £145.00 (34% discount offer) the AC1100 is truly a very decent choice for those who seek out high quality in a reasonable price tag.

6. Angelcare AC517 – High-End Product with 5” Monitor

Angelcare2 - High End baby Monitor with 5'' display
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At a glance

The next model on our list is another great product from Angelcare, namely the AC 517. It includes digital video and two-way audio link to the nursery unit as well as a movement sensor pad of adjustable sensitivity. It also includes data reports from advance analytics covering the last two months that will help you grasp the sleep and feeding patterns of your baby.

Night View and Image Quality: With the AC517 the image quality is excellent regardless of day or nighttime. The wide-angle lens provides the whole picture while the digital zoom and pan function enables you to focus easily on your baby. The camera has infrared LEDs that provide clear night vision, and they are all hidden, something that eventually adds up nicely to the overall quality and design. The 5 inches LCD on the parent’s unit is of good quality and large enough to fit the wide angle lens of the nursery unit.

Battery Life: In contrast with the model AC1100 that employs 3 AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries for the parent unit and another three non-rechargeable for the nursery unit, this model requires only a LiIon battery pack for the parent module, which is provided. Lithium batteries do not suffer from the memory effect NiMH batteries exhibit, and they generally have a longer lifecycle too. On the other hand, AC517 has a larger 5” touchscreen display which draws more energy when on, compared to the smaller 3.5 inches display of the AC1100. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that AC517 has a reduced operation time of 4.5 hours. Another notable con is the short flex of the nursery unit. Perhaps the reason behind this is to avoid a strangulation hazard with the cord. Whatever the case, if you plan to place the unit in a spot far from an outlet, you will most probably need an extension.

Functionality and Extra Features: A very interesting feature of AC517 is its ability to collect data regarding the temperature, the motion and the feeding habits of the baby. This data can be stored and aggregated for a timespan of two months. Such information could be useful for you to learn and understand your baby’s circadian cycle and be prepared for the hours that he/she becomes more active or apprehensive. To perform this feat, AC517 collects data from the temperature and motion sensors. The temperature sensor is integrated into the nursery unit and provides immediate feedback through a two-digit LED display. When the room temperature is out of nominal values, the display changes colour to denote the cold (blue hue) or hot (red hue) condition. The motion sensor pad can be easily installed under the mattress of the baby’s cot and apart from providing alarms for the safety of the baby, it can also the periods of moderate or excessive activity.

Of course, the main reason of pad’s existence is to help you deal timely with any SIDS events even before they occur and affect your baby. In the unfortunate such event, AC517 will notify you immediately to take action and thus take part in saving your baby’s life. The two-way crystal-clear audio communication will minimise the distance to your child and at times will let you offer a calming sleeping single from the convenience of your room.

Our Opinion

The outcome regarding the Angelcare AC517 is certainly positive. In comparison to other similar products, even to other products of the same company, it presents several advantages, with the better viewing experience in the larger display being the most prominent. The short battery life is a blot on this otherwise unspoiled profile. The price tag is in the reasonable range of £199.99 or £190.03 with 5% discount, something that makes AC517’s capabilities tempting enough.

7. Infant Optics DXR-8 – With Interchangeable Optic Lens!

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At a glance

The DXR-8 video baby monitor from Infant Optics is perhaps the best video monitor out there at the moment, at least if you can afford the price. Having more than 12,000 reviews on Amazon.com and more than 75% of them in the 5-star range is far more than a mere coincidence. Let’s delve into the details to find out what makes this baby monitor an outstanding choice.

Night Vision and Image Quality: The most highlighted feature of this monitor is without a doubt the image quality. This is a two-factor result, namely the quality of optics and the quality of electronics integrated. DXR-8 has a high-quality combination of lenses and optical sensors that make both daytime and nighttime vision very clear. Regarding the lenses, this model is the first-ever camera that comes with interchangeable optical lenses as an option. This means that you can use a wide-angle lens to have a broader field of view, or if for some reason, you need to position the camera further away from the bed you can use a lens with a narrower field of view to focus on your baby. The change of the lenses and the focus is a very trivial procedure. If you decide not to go with the wide-angle option, the monitor still has the tilt and pan controls you can use to expand your view into the entirety of the baby’s nursery. Tilt can be adjusted remotely to 120 degrees from zenith while you can pan the camera up to 270 degrees horizontally. The pan and scan function will relieve from the pain to sneak into the baby’s room to reposition the camera now and then. The camera unit hosts nine infrared LEDs that also contribute to sharp images during the nighttime. The parents’ unit also has the high quality that matches the camera. The excellent quality of the 3.5 inches full-color LCD is more than sufficient to provide a lucid picture and an overall compact rather than a bulky unit.

Battery Life: Despite the small dimensions, the unit is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, which can power the monitor for 10 hours on power-saving mode or for about 6 hours with screen constantly on. Thus, with moderate use expect the battery to last something in between 6 and 10 hours or a full night. During the power-saving mode, the device is actually operating; only the screen is off. Any sound from the camera’s end or a button press will activate the screen instantly.

Functionality and Extra Features: Navigation through the menu is intuitive, and the front panel buttons are very friendly to use. Using the device menu, the setup and pairing of the camera and the monitor become easy as a breeze. A shortcut button can give you fast access to a special, frequently used command. Both the aerial and the stand are retractable, matching the contour of the module. The audio quality is excellent too. You will never hear any hissing noise or buzz due to the digital radio link. The parents’ module is also equipped with voice commands, and the two-way audio communication can become very useful when the baby needs to hear your soothing voice.

The high quality of this feature-reach baby monitor is directly reflected in its cost. With its price starting from £300, the DXR-8 is by far the most expensive baby monitor. This may sound pricey, especially because the set lacks a baby motion sensor pad and the exchangeable lenses do not come as part of the standard accessories. Neither the pad nor the lenses are necessary for the good operation. The absence of the pad may as well relieve you from plenty of midnight false alarms. The majority of reviews posted from verified purchasers that previously owned another baby monitor with sensor pad testify vividly that this model has everything you need.

Our Opinion

Overall, the Infant Optics DXR-8 video monitor belongs to the high-end class of video baby monitors. It provides with high-quality imaging, which does not degrade at nighttime and it offers a set of exchangeable lenses for fast and accurate adjustment of field of view. With an amazing battery life of 10 hours and remote pan, tilt, scan, and digital zoom surely it is not a surprise that this monitor exceeds the figure of £300. If you are looking for the best monitor out there, you have just found it!

Did you find this presentation useful? Do you own one of the models described? Why don’t you leave a comment to share your experience with us?

Buying Guide for Video Baby Monitors

It is true that parenthood changes your whole life! New parents are filled with joy and -strangely enough- a concern at the same time. If you are a parent, you know well what this feeling is like, right? You want to be constantly close to this tiny miracle and provide for every need that may come up.

And although our busy everyday life makes this normal desire a difficult task, technology comes to new parent’s rescue and gives you the option to be close to your baby from afar! How is that possible?

With the help of a video baby monitor, of course! These clever devices can help you not only watch your child from a far, but also entertain and calm it down with built-in lullabies! “But what should I have in mind upon choosing a video baby monitor?”, you might wonder.

In the list we have prepared, starting with the most affordable and popular choices and climbing up to the latest and most expensive technology, you will find the perfect match for you among them and save yourself from hours of searching on the internet. So, without further ado, let’s see first the features that we had in mind upon searching for a video baby monitor that fits the bill.

The features of a best buy video baby monitor

  • Battery Life: This characteristic is crucial because short battery life means no practicality. No one wants to charge a device now and then, especially when you have a baby that needs your attention 24 hours a day.
  • Range: Range is another important factor. You may have all the other features at a good level, but if your monitor has a bad range inside your home, you will simply not be able to use the device. One thing to keep in mind is that the actual range does not always match exactly with the manufacturer’s claims, because other factors can affect the final result, such as the thickness of your house’s walls or the distance between the rooms. As a general rule, the longer, the better.
  • Night Vision: This feature enables to watch on your baby even if there isn’t a night light in the room. Usually, monitors that fall in the more affordable category tend to have not a good picture quality in night vision, so double check this before you buy.
  • Functionality: There is not much to be said really for this one – just the cliched and yet so true “less is more”. Clear-cut designs with simple menus are what you will reach for again and again at the end of the day.
  • Add-on Cameras: It might seem optional but is very useful when you have more than one child, and you want to have an eye on all of them simultaneously.

Having in mind all the above, you can weigh better the cos and pros of the baby monitors we have included in our list!