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7 Best Hedge Trimmers in the UK for 2021

VonHaus Electric Hedge Trimmer, 41cm Blade Length - Bush Cutter with 450W Power, Protective Cover,...
Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
The Best
Makita EN5950SH MM4 Pole Hedge Trimmer
VonHaus Electric Hedge Trimmer, 41cm Blade Length - Bush Cutter with 450W Power, Protective Cover,...
Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
Makita EN5950SH MM4 Pole Hedge Trimmer
0.77 KW
6.6 Kg
8.7 Kg
81.5 X 10.5 X 18cm
29 x 26 x 15.5 cm
24.5 x 130 x 35 cm
Price not available
Price not available
VonHaus Electric Hedge Trimmer, 41cm Blade Length - Bush Cutter with 450W Power, Protective Cover,...
VonHaus Electric Hedge Trimmer, 41cm Blade Length - Bush Cutter with 450W Power, Protective Cover,...
81.5 X 10.5 X 18cm
Price not available
Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
0.77 KW
6.6 Kg
29 x 26 x 15.5 cm
The Best
Makita EN5950SH MM4 Pole Hedge Trimmer
Makita EN5950SH MM4 Pole Hedge Trimmer
8.7 Kg
24.5 x 130 x 35 cm
Price not available

Table of Contents

Top 3 Best-Sellers right now

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bosch 0600847D70, AHS 60-16 Electric Hedge Cutter, 600 mm Blade Length, 16 mm Tooth Opening, Green
  • Lightweight ergonomic design with soft-grip handle for easy operation and comfortable to use
  • Powerful 450 W Bosch motor
  • Diamond ground blades for a clean precise cut
  • Comes complete with a protective blade cover
Bestseller No. 2
Bosch Home and Garden 0600849F70 18 V Cutter That cuts Branches on First Sweep Through The Hedge,...
  • The cordless hedge trimmer AHS 50-20 LI - for mobile and speedy hedge cutting
  • Sawing function: Special teeth on the front of the blade effortlessly cut through branches up to...
  • Blade guard for cutting along walls and paths, Maximum sqm per battery charge: 200 sqm
  • Power for All: One battery pack and one charger for the entire Home and Garden range of tools
SaleBestseller No. 3
Flymo 9671028-01 Easicut 460 Hedge Trimmer, 450 W, Cutting Blade 45 cm
  • Easicut 460 has a knife length of 45 cm and a cutting gap of 16 mm
  • Easicut 460 has powerful 450 W rating , teeth opening - 19 mm
  • Handle is designed for easy and comfortable trimming of hedges and bushes
  • Item Weight: 3.74 Kg



Makita DUH523Z 18V Li-ion Hedge Trimmer
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One of the best cordless hedge trimmers on the market at the moment is the Makita DUH523Z cordless model which is well suited for heavy-duty and difficult trimming jobs.  It is easy to handle and will slice through any thick woody type of plant, whatever the width.

The Makita DUH523Z cordless hedge trimmer has superior features to improve its capabilities and is an excellent addition to any home garden.

At a Glance

  • Brand: MAKITA
  • Model: DUH523Z
  • Barcode: 0088381673686
  • Max output: 210W
  • Voltage 18V
  • Blade length: 520mm
  • Blade type: double-sided
  • Cutting diameter: 15mm
  • Strokes per minute: 1,350spm
  • Branch Diameter: 15mm
  • Noise: 77dB
  • Overall Length: 938mm
  • Skin weight: 2.7kg
  • Weight (with battery): 3.3kg
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x 5.0Ah BL1850 Battery
  • 1 x 14.4-18V DC18RC Charger
  • Features
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Rubberised Soft Grip for Comfortable and Secure Grip
  • Stain-free Shear Blade
  • Non-Electrolyzed Nickel Plating Featuring High Anti-Abrasion Surface for Long Lasting Coating
  • Anti-vibration Structure with a Motor-crank Section and a Handle Section with 5 Cushions that Absorb Vibration
  • User-replaceable Blade – Replacement Does Not Require House Disassembling
  • Battery capacity Warning Lamp

Design & Features

The Makita DUH523Z cordless hedge trimmer comes with a 520-mm (20.4-inche) long blade, which is replaceable blade and can be detached from the main housing and replaced by the user as necessary.  This is an improvement over previous models which do not have this option of changing the blade on the hedge cutter.

DUH523Z also features anti-vibration system. It actually includes five cushions designed to absorb the vibrations from both the blade and motor-crank part, making it more comfortable to use. The equipment is extremely lightweight as well as shock-absorbing.

This model has a battery protector included which will automatically shut off the power when the battery is low.  On top of that, it has a battery capacity lamp with a blinking red light which warns when the battery is almost spent.  This extra facility conserves power thereby preserving the actual shelf-life of the equipment greatly. Compatible with 1.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 Ah Li batteries, this hedge trimmer is compatible with a variety of Li-ion batteries; that makes it easy to equip anywhere at any time.

Ideally, it would be best to buy an extra battery for the machine, allowing you to employ the hedge trimmer for a longer time without stopping to recharge. To charge the Makita DUH523Z battery only takes about 36 minutes and an extra advantage is that the battery operates with the charger of the trimmer.

The Li-ion battery has a 3-year warranty which is excellent value.  This battery offers 430% extra working volume and reduction of power is minimal whether in use or in storage during the lifetime of the machine.

The battery charger includes a cooling fan with 3 controls so that while loading the charging voltage, the current and temperature is contained in the holes.  The cooling system blows cool air into the battery which protects it from being overcharged, thereby preventing any damage.

  • No extension cords required as it runs on a battery
  • Prolonged use is easy due to its lightweight of 3-4 K
  • Comfortable firm rubber grip
  • When the battery is empty you have to wait to recharge unless you purchase an extra battery

Our Opinion

Makita is the leading manufacturer of professional power tools on the market, so the Makita DUH523Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a first-class choice whether you have regular gardening or heavy-duty types of jobs to do.  It makes an excellent addition to any home garden and it easy to use and will last for a long time.



Ryobi OHT1855R ONE+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer
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The Ryobi OHT1855R One+ Cordless Hedge Trimmer is another great choice.  It is especially suited for trimming hedges with awkward or unusual shapes and angles.

This Ryobi model is a top choice amongst gardeners as it has some excellent features which are not included in other hedge trimmers.  For example, it has a rotating back handle to maintain your hedges well all through the year.  It is perfect for medium or smaller gardens.

At a Glance

  • Brand: RYOBI
  • Model: OHT1855R One+
  • Article Number: 5133002161
  • Blade length: 55cm
  • Blade speed: 1350rpm
  • Blade type: Diamond ground
  • cutting capacity: 22mm
  • Power: 18V
  • Weight [without battery]: 2.8Kg
  • Weight with battery pack: 3.2kg
  • Standard equipment: HedgeSweep™; Attachment, Blade Sheath
  • Sound Power: 92.0 dB Lwa
  • Vibration level: 2.5 m/s²
  • Features
  • High torque motor delivers powerful cutting performance for pruning hedges and shrubs
  • Excellent cutting quality through precision 55cm laser-cut, diamond ground blades
  • Capable of cutting large branches with 22mm blade gap and sawing function
  • Anti-jam system prevents accidental blocking
  • Rotating rear handle with overmould for ease of use in multiple positions
  • HedgeSweep™ attachment offers easy removal of clippings

Design & Features

The Ryobi OHT 1855R One+ is equipped with a diamond ground blade making it more than adequate for medium-sized hedges of any shape.

The 55cm (21.6 inches) blade has a 22mm (8.6 inches) cutting capacity which enables cutting through the thickest type of hedge.  The dual-trigger design with front loop handle creates a high degree of comfort as well as safety in use.

The rotating rear handle has 5 different positions to choose from all operated by a single button.  This means that the user can easily trim even the most awkward position or angle safely, precisely and with ease.

There is also a hedge-sweep attachment which ensures that you can immediately and easily slide the attachment to the top of the implement’s blade so that the cuttings fall to the ground as the hedge is being trimmed.

It should be noted that this hedge trimmer has no battery or battery charger included.

The recommended battery is Ryobi RB18L50 One+ Lithium+ 5.0Ah, 18V. The recommended battery charger for this model charges the battery in one hour.  Its intelligent condition monitoring works out the battery’s voltage and temperature while it is charging which in turn gives long-lasting durability.  The LED lights show the status of the battery and it can be mounted on the wall for convenient storage when not in use.

The ready to go indicator shoes when the battery is 80% charged.

It is compatible with all one+ batteries of the Ryobi range.

  • Durable & easy to use
  • Safe & comfortable operation
  • Excellent for cutting at awkward angles
  • Smooth operation
  • A little heavy to handle
  • No battery or charger is included

Our Opinion

The Ryobi OHT1855R One+ is an efficient cordless hedge trimmer that offers satisfying results.  It is especially useful for trimming difficult angles and shapes in a precise manner so that you can keep your garden looking its very best at all times (you might need a Lawn Mower for this…)



VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer
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You may not be familiar with VonHaus. It is a Manchester-based company offering high-quality products of all sorts, as well as garden equipment. The VonHaus 550W Electric Hedge Trimmer is extremely lightweight and very easy to use with its powerful motor of 550W, as well as the precision blades for rapid cutting through 16mm thick branches.

At a Glance

  • Brand: VONHAUS
  • Weight: 2.6Kg
  • Power: 450W
  • No-Load Speed: 1600rpm
  • Blade Length: 41cm Power Cord
  • Cable Length: 30ft
  • Features
  • Precision Blades for Fast Cutting Action
  • Able to Cut Through 16mm Thick Branches and Twigs
  • Ergonomically Designed with a Soft Grip Handle
  • Two-Stage Safety Trigger
  • Comes with a Blade Cover and Cable Holder for Easy Storage

Design & Features

This hedge trimmer is ergonomically designed with a comfortable soft-grip handle.  The blade brake stops within 0.5s when triggered.  A blade cover is included as well as a cable holder for convenient storage when not in use.

The VonHaus 450W hedge trimmer weighs only 2.6 kg with a 10m (32 ft) cable making it very easy to operate and carry around.  The machine features an ergonomic design with a soft grip handle and safety guard to protect the hands.

There is a safety feature – ‘Dead Man’s’ safety trigger which will prevent the machine from going on by accident. Two switches must be pressed for proper operation. It also includes a hand protection shield for completely safe use at all times.

There is a two-year warranty on this item.

  • Precision blade with fast-cutting action
  • Soft grip handle
  • Lightweight, powerful, easy to use
  • Safety feature – Dead Man’s safety trigger to prevent accidental operation
  • Hand protection shield
  • An extension cable is required as the cable is only 10m
  • A little noisy

Our Opinion

The VonHaus 450W electric hedge trimmer is excellent value for the money and performs to a high standard.  It is lightweight which makes it really easy to reach up and cut hedges with perfect control.  It is excellent for small to medium-sized hedges and we recommend it highly.



View on Amazon

The Stihl HSA 86 Cordless Hedge Trimmer is quiet in operation, lightweight and easy to handle.  It is extremely competent as it keeps to a stable, consistent stroke rate however difficult the job may be. Even professional gardeners swear by this hedge trimmer.

It has excellent manoeuvrability, it will twist and turn in any direction or angle to trim even the most arduous hedge or branch. The high-speed blades guarantee a fast and exact cut.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Stihl
  • Model: HAS 86
  • Blade: 18″ / 450mm
  • Tooth Spacing: 33mm
  • Rated voltage: 36 V
  • Weight [without battery]: 3,3 kg
  • Sound pressure level: 83 dB(A)
  • Sound power level: 94 dB(A)
  • Vibration level left/right: 3,7/2,3 m/s²
  • Bar length: 62 cm
  • Tooth spacing: 33 mm
  • Recommended battery: AP 200
  • Battery technology: Lithium-Ion PRO
  • Runtime: Up to 120 Minutes
  • Features:
  • Double-Sided Cutting Blades, Cutting Both Vertically and Horizontally
  • Blade Tip Protector, For Easier Cutting Near the Ground or Along Walls While Protecting the Special Cutters
  • Optimised Cut Protection, Allowing Thicker Branches to Be Cut
  • Scabbard, Protecting the Cutting Blade for Safe Storage and Transport
  • Variable Speed Control and Ergonomic Loop Handle
  • STIHL EC-Motor, Electronically Controlled and Brushless Electric Motor (EC)
  • Two-Handed Design
  • Hanging Eye
  • Charger

Design & Features

The Stihl HSA 86 cordless hedge trimmer ensures 40% extra running time – up to 100 minutes and the electronic control gives an unvarying stroke rate even under a heavy pruning load.

The incredibly wide tooth spacing of 33mm (1.29 inches) in conjunction with the new EC motor’s high stroke rate has a more aggressive cutting edge.  Also, the brand new droplet-shaped cutting tool will hold twigs perfectly to ensure a powerful, effective cut.  The cutter blade has single-edged teeth as well.

The design of the motor’s housing has smooth surfaces and rounded contours which ensures that it doesn’t get snagged on branches.  It is also easy to clean and maintain.

Amazingly the machine only weighs 3.3 kg (7.27 lbs), without the battery.

The Stihl HSA 86 is very quiet and offers high powered performance and build and keeps up a constant stroke even when confronting the most difficult jobs.

The battery is Lithium-ion AP80 which is very powerful and compatible with all Stihl/Viking cordless tools.  It can be charged as many times as you like and has no memory.

The battery has charge status display and is rechargeable with charger AL 100 or AL 300.

The powerful battery is able to last up to two hours just on a single charge and a Stihl AL300 Quick Charger is also included in the price.

  • AP200 battery & AL300 charger included
  • 450mm (18 inches) double-edged blade
  • 33mm blade spacing
  • Up to 100 run time
  • No rotating blade



Makita EN5950SH MM4 Pole Hedge Trimmer
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The EN5950SH Pole Hedge Trimmer has a straight type head with no angle adjustment which provides comfort, control and easier manoeuvrability.  It is perfect for vertical cutting of tall hedges and bushes.

Professional landscape gardeners use and recommend this model highly.

At a Glance

  • Brand: MAKITA
  • Model: EN5950SH
  • Engine: 4-stroke
  • Cubic Capacity: 25.4 cc
  • Blade Length: 59 cm
  • Max Branch Diameter: 21.5 mm
  • Horsepower: 1.03hp
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.6 litres
  • Power Rating: 0.77kW
  • Strokes per Minute: 4,200spm
  • Overall Length: 1,780mm
  • No Load Speed: 10,000rpm
  • Cutting RPM: 7000rpm
  • Net weight: 6.0Kg
  • Noise sound pressure: 87.1 dB(A)
  • Noise sound power: 99.6 dB(A)
  • Noise K factor: 2.9 dB(A)
  • Vibration: Left Handle (Front grip): 6.8 m/sec²
  • Vibration: Right Handle (Rear grip): 9.6 m/sec²
  • Vibration K factor: 4.0 m/sec²
  • Features
  • Double-Edged Blade
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Saving
  • Low Noise and Clean Exhaust Emission
  • Low Running Costs
  • Multi-Position Engine Lubrication System, Allowing the Engine to Be Inclined to Any Angle Even During Operation
  • Straight Hedge Trimmer Head
  • Ergonomically Designed Loop Handle with Rubberised Soft Grip
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Primer Pump
  • Box also includes:
  • 1 x Blade cover
  • 1 x Hex wrench
  • 1 x Oil set
  • 1 x Socket wrench
  • 1 x Accessory bag

Design & Features

The Makita EN5950SH MM4 pole is a double-sided hedge trimmer which provides a high blade speed of 4,200 SPM.  It comes with an accessory gear bag specially made for improved durability and tip guard protection.

This model is compact and lightweight at only 6.4 Kg (14.1 lbs). The steel shaft means there is less vibration resulting in longer equipment life.

The Makita EN5950SH has a short shaft which is powered by a 25.4cc 4 stroke engine which boasts a multiple-position engine lubrication system.  It can convey up to 10,000 rpm, 4,200 spm, 1.03 hp and the rate at maximum output is 7,000 rpm.

This model requires no fuel mixing but instead uses unleaded petrol which greatly lowers the risk of damage from an incorrect fuel mix.

The straight type head has no angle adjustment which gives extra comfort, it is easy to control and provides better manoeuvrability.

The Makita EN5950SH has multi wide trigger control and the pliable rubber design is extra comfortable to use.  The multi-position engine lubrication system means the engine can be angled at any position even when in perpetual operation.

The ergonomically design of the loop handle has a soft rubber grip for easy and safe handling. A commercial duty dual-stage air filter which has large sealing areas is replaceable and easy to access. Captured control wires are designed to prevent any catching or snagging on branches.

The oil filling port and drain plug are easy to access and the oil level has a viewing window to check and replace oil without a problem. The translucent fuel tank has a large opening to ensure easy refuelling. Also, note that it comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Primer pump
  • Low running costs
  • Quiet operation
  • None, everyone seems to love it!



Makita EN4951SH 25.4cc 4-Stroke Pole Hedge Trimmer
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The Makita EN4951SH pole hedge trimmer is lightweight which makes it easy to handle and its powerful engine cuts running costs considerably.

This model is one of the best long-reaching hedge trimmers on the market because it facilitates the cutting of your hedges and is so light that it doesn’t make you tired at all.  This hedge trimmer is suitable for commercial landscaping projects as well as your home garden requirements.

At a Glance

  • Brand: MAKITA
  • Model: EN4951SH
  • Engine (HP): 1.1 HP
  • Blade Speed: 4,200 SPM
  • Fuel Type: Unleaded gas
  • Dry Weight: 6.6Kg
  • Power Type: 4-Stroke Gas
  • User Type: Professional
  • Blade Length: 490mm
  • Overall Length: 2,05m
  • Blade Type: Double-Sided
  • Maximum Branch Diameter: 21.5mm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.6 litres
  • Head angles from 45 to 90 degrees
  • 180 degrees foldable for storage
  • Box also includes:
  • 1 x Blade cover
  • 1 x Socket wrench
  • 1 x Hex wrench
  • 1 x Accessory bag
  • 1 x Shoulder strap
  • Features:
  • 4 Cc Four-Stroke Engine
  • Low Noise and Clean Exhaust Emission; Low Running
  • Multi-Position Engine Lubrication System Allows any Inclination Angle
  • Recoil Starter with Automatic Decompression
  • Primer Pump and Diaphragm Carburettor
  • Short-Shaft Provides Greater Manoeuvrability

Design & Features

The Makita EN4951SH Pole Hedge Trimmer is environmentally friendly as it is equipped with a 25.4cc 4-stroke engine which results in cleaner exhaust emissions.

This model is outfitted with special oil and is adjustable so that the user can reach any angle necessary when trimming hedges.  The angle-adjustable head provides up to 13 different positions so that no job is left undone.

It is also possible to change positions while in operation. This is due to the Makita’s unique multi-position engine lubrication feature.  This particular feature will save the user time as you don’t have to turn off the machine every time you need to change the head’s position.

Another excellent feature is the quietness of this hedge trimmer due to its 25.4cc 4-stroke engine which also ensures smooth running.

It is not only compact but also has a foldable feature so that it is very easy to transport and store away when not in use.

On top of all these benefits, it is very inexpensive to run.

  • Easy to start, powerful
  • Quiet running
  • Facile adjustability for any angle
  • Free to move around without a cable
  • Inexpensive to run
  • A bit heavy to handle

Our Opinion

The Makita EN4951SH pole hedge trimmer is definitely worth the money and will get the job done, however difficult the angle. It is environmentally friendly, it has a low running cost, it is comfortable to use and you won’t regret choosing this hedge trimmer which is also ideal for commercial or home garden projects.



Greenworks 40V Hedge Trimmer Cordless Hedge Cutter
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With the Greenworks 40V G-Max Cordless Hedge Trimmer there is no fussing about with fuel and oil, it will not leak if it falls over in the back of your vehicle, there are no exhaust fumes to cope with or pull start to worry about either.  It is completely battery powered which can be a great advantage as you don’t need a power outlet or cable.

This model is also up to 60% quieter than other machines and has less vibration plus it is much lighter as well.

At a Glance

  • Model: 40V G40HT
  • Weight (without Battery): 2,8 kg
  • Voltage: 40V
  • Motor: Brushed
  • Blade Length: 61 cm
  • Blade Opening: 27 mm
  • Rotatable rear handle
  • Jam function
  • Sound power level: < 96 dB
  • Sound power level uncertainty: 2 dB
  • Sound pressure: 79 dB
  • Runtime (2Ah): < 35 min
  • Runtime (4Ah): < 70 min
  • Vibration level: < 2,5 m/s2
  • Features:
  • Transparent Visor
  • Swivel Handle at 90 Degrees to the Left and to The Right for Safer and More Comfortable Cut from All Angles
  • Start in Two Time
  • Ergonomic Padded Handful for Reduced Vibration and Increased Comfort

Design & Features

The Greenworks 40V G-Max is extremely lightweight and quiet but it is advisable to wear hearing protection when using to be on the safe side.

The equipment tilts at 90 degrees and the cutter bar rotates 90 degrees in both directions for easy use.

Multiple safety features are built into the product.  For example, the safety guard on the handle prevents your hand from accidentally slipping into the moving blades while in use.  There is also a safety lock-out button which links to the throttle trigger thereby preventing unexpected start-up of the machine.  Another safety feature is a safety sheath which protects your hands, arms and legs when transporting the equipment.

Lastly, the lock-out button prevents unnecessary accidents.

There is a 4-year warranty against manufacturing defects on the hedge trimmer and a 2-year warranty on the battery.

You can sharpen the blades yourself by using a 200mm flat-file and filing each bevelled blade surface towards the direction of the cutting edge. Make sure that the file isn’t in contact with the blade when pulling back upward otherwise the blade will wear down or become blunt.

When you have a sharp edge, remove burrs from the bottom by using a sharpening stone and then lightly coat the blade with WD40.

Alternatively, just get a Greenworks dealer to sharpen the blades for you.

You should clean and disinfect the blades on a regular basis which not only keeps your tool in top condition but also prevents the possibility of spreading diseases between plants.  Use a mixture of warm water and vinegar and scrub with a stiff brush to make sure plant resins are removed.  When dry, lubricate with WD40.

Before handling the blades, remove the battery and wear gloves for safety purposes.

The 2Ah Lithium-ion battery is included and when fully charged will run for roughly 50 minutes continuously.  The machine stops whenever the trigger is released, for both safety reasons and to conserve energy. Power LED’s inform you how much power is left in the battery.

If you have a large job that needs completing fast, you could always buy a second battery to use while the other one is charging to save waiting around.

The first time you charge the battery, it will take about an hour but after that, it only needs half that time.

  • Quiet & lightweight
  • Powerful & efficient
  • Multiple safety features
  • 4-year warranty
  • The battery is a little difficult to remove
  • It has no child safety lock, so best to keep away from children

Our Opinion

The Greenworks 40V G-Max Cordless Hedge Trimmer 22262 gets top marks. It is versatile with a comfortable grip, it is lightweight and far more convenient than a corded trimmer which needs constant attention to the cord.  Ideal for large properties where there are no power outlets.

It has basic features and is aimed at users who don’t need a complicated machine.  This equipment is easy for women to handle as well.  We recommend it highly.

Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide

What type of Hedge trimmer is the Best?

Hedge trimming is not exactly the easiest job in the world, especially if you try to do it without the appropriate equipment. A hedge trimmer can make the task so safe, fast, easy and fun-packed, that you argue within the family on who’s going to do it next time.

The following lines will provide you with all the information you need for a knowledgeable purchase. But first, you need to take a few things into consideration.

Consider your Needs – and Those of Your Yard

This is the first crucial step. You shouldn’t just storm into the internet and buy the first hedge trimmer that catches your eye.

Take a close look at your yard or garden. Check out the type of hedges you have, their height and thickness, their size, as well as other factors that may play a role, for example, whether there is a fence there too, or a wall or any kind of structure or material that may cause damage to the hedge trimmer.

Why is this important? Because things like these will tell you how powerful your hedge trimmer must be, how long should the blade be, how many safety triggers you’ll need etc.

Now that you have figured out your needs, let’s take a closer look at the different types of hedge trimmers, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers combine three very important advantages:

  • they are relatively cheap;
  • they can be very powerful;
  • they are lightweight;
  • they are easy to start;
  • they are quiet;
  • they are environmentally friendly;
  • their maintenance is less messy and expensive.

They are divided into two main categories, the corded and the cordless ones.

What are the advantages of corded hedge trimmers?

Corded electric hedge trimmers will get you through the whole job, provided of course that an electric outlet is nearby and you have ample extension cord, at a maximum distance of no more than 100 feet. Also, note that you need to be very careful not to cut the cord with the blade during operation.

I personally love how easily they start to work no matter how long they have been stored. On top of that, depending on their brand and price, they can be as powerful as gas hedge trimmers, minus the fumes, the noise and the odious smell.

Corded hedge trimmers are best for…

  • Non-professional, occasional trims;
  • relatively small yards and gardens;
  • areas with strict noise or emission regulations.

What are the advantages of cordless hedge trimmers?

Cordless hedge trimmers are mostly favoured for the autonomy they offer, while retaining most of the other pros of electric hedge trimmers, but they are usually more expensive than corded ones.

They are quiet, efficient (while not as strong as gas hedge trimmers), and are very easy to handle thanks to their minimised vibrations and cord-free operation, and have no limitations on where to use it – provided of course that the battery is fully charged and enough to get the job done. That aside, they too are environmentally friendly, easy to start, and easy to maintain. If you can afford it, opt for a model with a 36- or a 40-volt battery.

Naturally, the major disadvantage of cordless hedge trimmers is the possibility of running out before you are finished. Of course, you can always but a second battery, but it will increase the cost. For some hedge trimmers, a new battery costs almost as much as the trimmer itself, so keep an eye out if you go to that direction.

Most batteries last around 20 minutes; the ones lasting an hour are considerably more expensive. Recharging takes, depending on the model and the charger provided, from 1 to – 4 hours.

Cordless hedge trimmers are best for…

  • Inexperienced users for non-professional, occasional trims;
  • small yards and gardens;
  • areas with strict noise or emission regulations;
  • spots that are far away from power outlets.

Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

What are the advantages of gas-powered hedge trimmers?

Gas-powered hedge trimmers are by far the most powerful in the market, and that is why they are the best choice for professionals and homeowners with really large yards.

A gas hedge trimmer can cut through the thickest possible hedges, and much faster than its electric competitors. Their consumption is relatively low and they easily get the job done even with half their tank full. On top of that, they do not require electricity, allowing you to work everywhere you wish.

Still, there is a downside to all that. Gas hedge trimmers are, generally speaking, a bit heavier, emit much more noise and fumes, and are not as easy to operate – especially in the hands of an inexperienced user – mostly due to the vibrations caused by their powerful engine. Naturally, they are not as environmentally friendly as their electric competitors.

Better avoid gas hedge trimmers with a 2-stroke engine; they are much noisier, they consume more gas and they require a mixture of fuel and oil. Most new models tackle these issues by using a 4-stroke engine.

Note also, that their maintenance is messier.

Gas-powered hedge trimmers are best for…

  • Experienced users, homeowners and professionals alike;
  • large yards and gardens;
  • areas without noise or emission regulations;
  • spots that are far away from power outlets.

What about Long-Reach Hedge Trimmers?

Long-reach hedge trimmers, regardless of the power source, allow you to reach high hedges, due to their peculiar size. Besides that, their basic features and characteristics depend on their power-technology.

What Features Should I Look for in my Hedge Trimmer?

Now, that we know a few basic things about the different types of hedge trimmers and their pros and cons, let us break it up to the specific features.

  • Blade

Things are pretty simple here: longer blades do the job faster, but demand more caution, especially in corded models and hedges that are close to walls and fences! A longer bladed hedge trimmer will also be a bit heavier.

On the contrary, small blades are much easier to handle, but are not suitable for large or long hedges, for they’d require much more time and exhaust you.

Needless to say, a hedge trimmer with a double-sided blade is much handier and makes the job much easier.

Dual-action blades (which is a different thing) have movement on both blades, whereas a single-action blade has just one moving blade. Needless to say, they do a better job in half the time, but they come at a bigger price.

  • ​Weight

Usually, the weight is congruent with the power of the engine, so, the heavier the hedge trimmer, the more powerful it is, as well as tiring. On the other hand, the more powerful it is, the faster it will get the job done.

  • Comfort

Comfort in hedge trimmers, aside from the weight, has to do with three factors: vibration, balance, and handles. Prefer a hedge trimmer with two handles and multiple power switches, that enable to use the trimmer in various orientations. Electric hedge trimmers usually cause less vibration, but are not as powerful and may take longer to do the job.

Note that double-action blades usually cause less vibration but are heavier.

  • Noise

​Most electric hedge trimmers emit around 90dBA and gasoline hedge trimmers are measured around 97 to 103dBA, which is actually double the noise of the electric trimmer. Anything lower than that should be considered exceptionally good, making operation far more comfortable, especially if it lasts several hours.

The noise level is a very important factor in areas with strict noise regulations. Electric hedge trimmers are much more suitable in an urban environment, where houses and neighbours are really close to each other.

  • Safety features

Needless to say, the more safety measures a hedge trimmer offers you, the better, especially if you have zero prior experience. Keep an eye out for the following:

Hand Guard

A handguard will protect the user from the clippings and debris being flung back from the blades. ​

Dual Switch

Dual switch minimises the risk of an accidental starting, requiring the user to push two buttons simultaneously in order to start. ​

Automatic Brake

The automatic brake is designed to stop the blade immediately when​ the trimmer is turned off, minimising the risk of an accident.