7 Best King Size Mattresses in the UK

Our Pick For June

Emma Original King Size Mattress 150x200 cm 25 cm high Memory Foam Mattress Which? Best Buy 2018 and...
244 Reviews
Emma Original King Size Mattress 150x200 cm 25 cm high Memory Foam Mattress Which? Best Buy 2018 and...
  • A Which? Best Buy 2018 and 2019: Maximum body adaptability through the optimized combination of a...
  • Made in the UK: A mattress should be neither too soft or too hard, that is why we have created a...
  • For Back, Side & Stomach Sleepers: 3 layer and 7 zones back structure improves pressure distribution...
  • The UK's most Recommended Mattress: Our exceptional product quality is proven to provide the very...

Table of Contents

  1. The Budget-Friendly Choice – DOSLEEPS Single Mattress 3FT
  2. The Affordable Choice – DOSLEEPS Double Mattress 4FT6
  3. The “Taking it Up a Notch” Choice -SIMPUR RELAX
  4. The “Weight/Size Variation” Choice – Life 4FT6
  5. The “Most Popular for a Reason” Choice – Emma Original EU Double Mattress
  6. The Great Choice – Lv.life 6FT Super King Bamboo Fiber Mattress
  7. The High-End Choice – Oak Furniture Land Marlborough Posture Pocket 6000

Top 3 Best-Sellers right now

Bestseller No. 1
Starlight Beds - Kingsize Mattress. Kingsize Memory Foam Mattress. 5ft Memory Foam Sprung Mattress...
110 Reviews
Starlight Beds - Kingsize Mattress. Kingsize Memory Foam Mattress. 5ft Memory Foam Sprung Mattress...
  • Kingsize Mattress (150cm x 200cm) (5ft x 6ft6) Memory Foam Spring Mattress
  • Kingsize Mattress with Luxurious Jersey Knitted Fabric
  • 5ft kingsize Memory Foam Mattress - Ideal for Adults & Children
  • Made in the UK and comply with all UK and EU regulations. (BS 7177: 2008 Domestic Use)
Bestseller No. 2
naturalex Extrafresh | Urban Living Extra Deep Memory Foam Mattress | 5ft King Size 150x200cm |...
350 Reviews
naturalex Extrafresh | Urban Living Extra Deep Memory Foam Mattress | 5ft King Size 150x200cm |...
  • WHO DOES IT SUIT? With layers of padded bliss, this memory foam mattress suits anyone seeking a...
  • PRESSURE-FREE SLEEP: Thanks to the viscoelastic Bio Memory high density memory foam, it relieves and...
  • SLEEP SOUNDLY: It features Memo Fresh viscoelastic foam, which is composed of refreshing...
  • NO MORE OVERHEATING: Ideal for people who are sensitive to heat, the ultra-breathable Airtex3D...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Inofia Mattress,Breathable Fabric Mattress with Pocket Springs,7-Zone Support System,8.7 Inch Depth...
678 Reviews
Inofia Mattress,Breathable Fabric Mattress with Pocket Springs,7-Zone Support System,8.7 Inch Depth...
  • ✿SUPPORTIVE + RELIEVING✿--Traditional springs are woven together and connected, which used to...
  • ✿PAIN-FREE + COMFY✿--Pressure-relieving comfort foam helps to improve sleep efficiency by...
  • ✿ZONED SCIENTIFICALLY + ALLEVIATING ✿--Inofia Pocket Springs Mattress has 7-zone spring systems...
  • ✿REFRESHING + ENERGIC✿--We’ve designed our Inofia high density foam, which will not leave you...

1. DOSLEEPS Single Mattress 3FT – The Budget-Friendly Choice


DOSLEEPS King Size Mattress
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If you want a mattress that stands out for its elegance, and comfort and durability at a budget-friendly price, DOSLEEPS 3FT is just what you need.

DOSLEEPS is widely known for its affordable yet high-quality mattresses – and this one is indeed a prime example.

At a Glance

  • 9-Zone Pocket Sprung Mattress
  • Memory Foam, High-density Support
  • TENCEL Lyocell Fibres Surface, Anti-Fire with UK Standard
  • Orthopaedic Mattress
  • Thickness: 8.7 Inch
  • Slow Spring Back Foam
  • Breathable Non-Woven Fabrics
  • Solid-Quality Cotton and Blanket
  • Individual Pocket Sprung
  • Strong bottom polyester cover fabric


Design & Features

First things first. The most important thing in a mattress is its structural support. 3FT excels in this regard, equipped with an innovative 9-Zone support system, constructed by individual spring coil pockets. This well-studied support system eliminates pressure points, minimises motion disturbance and effectively tackles pains in the lower back.

Each of the spring coils is made of bucket-shaped tempered stainless steel wire. Then, they are compressed and sealed in a fabric pocket – a clever idea which effectively eliminates or drastically reduces noises generated from spring coil collision.

Being separately pocketed and individually and independently wrapped, each coil tailors the mattresses’ support system to the user’s body, ensuring a peaceful, undisturbed sleep, no matter your partner’s sleeping habits and restlessness.

Still, its support system would fail your expectations if it weren’t for the memory foam on top of the mattress. Designed to afford extra comfort by absorbing the pressure, memory foam reduces up to 87% of the pressure on the most crucial areas of the body – namely the neck, spine and hip area, thus minimising the unnecessary body movement and turns during sleep.

Next, you have the fabric covering the mattress, which is made from TENCEL Lyocell fibres. This fabric is known for absorbing moisture much more efficiently than cotton, thus supporting our body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, and preserving our skin pleasantly cool and dry, regardless of the ambient temperature. Breathable and with anti-fire qualities in harmony with UK standards.

Last but not least, you have the memory foam. Since all of our picks in our list use memory foam, it would help to tell a few things about it. This material is designed to distribute air pressure quickly across its cells when pressure is applied, therefore not coming back to its original shape very quickly. Long story short, the mattress remembers the shape of your body, affording much better comfort every time you lie down.

  • Brand: DOSLEEPS
  • Orthopaedic
  • 9-zone pocket support
  • Memory foam
  • Tencel Lyocell fibres surface
  • Amazing price
  • May prove a bit thick for some

Our Opinion

Comfortable, ideally firm, with an excellent support system and an unrivalled price, DOSLEEPS 3FT is a genuine bargain.

2. DOSLEEPS Double Mattress 4FT6 – The Affordable Choice


DOSLEEPS King Size Mattress 5FT
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DOSLEEPS 4FT6 is indeed one of the most popular mattresses for 2019, and its exceptional price is just one of the reasons behind it.

Boasting an innovative 9-Zone Support System constructed by individual spring coil pockets, 4FT6 promises excellent back and neck support, good air circulation, just the proper amount of bounce and medium firmness. Let’s take a closer look.

At a Glance

  • Brand: DOSLEEPS
  • Dimensions: Standard Double Bed Size
  • Type: Orthopaedic Mattress
  • Thickness: 8.7’’
  • Colour: White
  • Primary materials: Memory Foam and Tencel Lyocell Fabric
  • Capacity: Double
  • Features:
  • 9-Zone Pocket Sprung Mattress
  • Anti-fire with UK Standard
  • Breathable Non-Woven Fabrics
  • Solid-Quality Cotton and Blanket
  • Individual Pocket Sprung
  • Strong Bottom Polyester Cover Fabric

Construction and Overall Feel

Let’s start from the surface of the mattress. It is made of Tencel Lyocell fibre, an excellent material that absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton, while remaining soft and exhibiting great durability both wet and dry, as well as resistant to wrinkles.

The use of lyocell fibre allows your body to continue to regulate its temperature, keeping your skin pleasantly cool and reducing sweat, whatever the time of the day (or night). Of course, proper room temperature is also very important for a pleasant sleep, but surely there have been times when your bedroom temperature was pleasant but the side of your body resting against the mattress was soaking wet from excessive sweat. Well, with 4FT6 you won’t have this problem.

Under the external sheet, this hybrid mattress features a truly innovative Support System with nice different zones, each with individual spring coil pockets. In turn, each pocket spring is designed to adjust automatically to your body type, weight and posture, ensuring personalised and genuinely comfortable support for the so-called neutral part of the head and the feet, as well as firm support for the heaviest parts of your body, like the waist and the hips.

Aside from the support of the individual pocket spring coils, there are several thin layers of memory foam (1, 2 cm overall width) on the top of the mattress, designed to add to the overall comfort by alleviating the pressure on really sensitive parts of your body, especially the neck and the spine.

According to the manufacturer, the memory foam can reduce the pressure by up to 87%. While we didn’t have the means to accurately test this claim, we certainly enjoyed prime feel and comfort both at the neck and back after several hours of sleep. The foam absorbed the pressure, which consequently minimised the need for body turns and overall movement.

Still, if you always give an energetic performance during your sleep, regardless of the quality of your mattress, then note that 4FT6’s clever design eliminated motion transfer – which is always good news for your partner!

This clever combination of pocketed coils and memory foam provides orthopaedic support to the whole body, contouring your body and allowing you (and your partner) to sleep deeply throughout the night.

As to firmness, an averagely built person will probably find just perfect. Its firmness falls into the medium to high range, which means that only very thin body types will find it far too firm for their liking.

All 4FT6 materials meet anti-fire UK standards and afford the mattress excellent durability. Besides, DOSLEEPS 4FT6 comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

All these characteristics combined and offered at such a price, make 4FT6 a great pick for average sleepers.

  • Great comfort, medium to high firmness
  • Orthopaedic support, gentle on sensitive parts of the body, strong on all pressure points
  • Breathable surface fabric, allowing for the proper regulation of the body’s temperature
  • Innovative nine-zone support system
  • Featuring a combination of individual pocket spring coils and memory foam
  • Great price, value for money
  • It may seem a bit too firm to thin body types

Our Opinion

If sleep is indeed important for you, then DOSLEEPS 4FT6 will cater to your needs. Sturdily constructed, well-designed, this hybrid mattress takes the best of the coil and foam mattress technology to offer you a deep night rest, while protecting you and your partner from motion transfer disturbances.

3. SIMPUR RELAX – The “Taking it Up a Notch” Choice


SIMPUR RELAX | BioPure Graphene ®
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Another great value-for-money option for people struggling with restless sleep. SIMPUR RELAX promises comfort, excellent body support and durability, despite its surprisingly affordable price.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Simpur
  • Dimensions: 135 x 190 x 30cm Double Size
  • Orthopaedic Foam Mattress
  • Extra Comfort Multi-Layer Mattress
  • BioPure Graphene®
  • Memory Foam
  • Free Pillow Memory Foam Promotion Included
  • Electro Biological
  • 11 targeted zones offer support
  • 100% Anti Allergenic fibres
  • Certified Oeko-tex, Certipur, ISO 9001, CARBONO
  • 5-year Warranty

Design & Features

Affording medium-firm support and featuring a design of 11 targeted zones, SIMPUR Relax delivers excellent support for all the parts of your body that play a crucial role in your body’s overall posture, especially your hips, back, buttocks, shoulders and head.

Upon lying down for the first time, you will instantly feel a peculiar yet amazing softness in the area around your shoulders and firm support of your lower back.

A few words about the construction quality are in order here. Despite its relatively low price, SIMPUR Relax is very well constructed, covered with 100% anti-allergic fabrics and a hypo-allergenic treatment.

Its impressive looks are complemented by the quilted knit cover and its rather soft, silky feel.

Another great addition is the so-called “graphene therapy”, which is a special material designed to improve the rest and sleep, especially during the REM sleep phase, since particles absorb moisture and odours that may disturb it. Combined with the high density of the special block foam and the well-studied air vents for extra breathability, you get a truly excellent rest in a much healthier, more hygienic sleeping environment.

Another nice touch is its special stretch fabric, featuring mineral therapy micro-capsules that help in alleviating the symptoms of rheumatism and expedites skin healing in cases of irritation.

Also, note that it comes with a free memory foam pillow and a 5-year warranty.

  • Great comfort
  • Strong 11-zone support
  • Memory foam
  • Great price, value for money
  • The memory foam could work better for some if it had a bit more depth

Our Opinion

SIMPUR RELAX combines durability, amazing comfort, a well-studied design – all wrapped up in a price that will make your sleep even better!

4.  Life 4FT6 – Double Pocket Sprung Mattress – The “Weight/Size Variation” Choice


Ej. Life 5FT UK King Size
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Life 4FT6 is known for its superb combination of softness and firmness, posing as the perfect medium of the two, as well as its innovative pocket sprung system – ideal for couples of different weight and size. Offered at a more than reasonable price for its excellent construction quality, Ej. Life 4FT6 guarantees a good night’s sleep.

At a Glance

  • Brand: EJ. Life
  • Dimensions: 135 x 190 x 27cm
  • 6-Inch Deep
  • Fabric: Tencel
  • Memory Foam
  • Features: Orthopaedic, Double Pocket Sprung Mattress, Multi-Functional
  • 9-Zone Support System

Design & Features

Life 4FT6 features the so-called “pocket sprung” technology, which is considered by many the most advanced mattress technology in the market today, designed specifically for couples with significant weight and size variations.

Simply put, this new system has springs are sewn into individual fabric pockets. Surrounded by a specially designed fabric, the springs can absorb shock even more efficiently, boosting the mattress’ firmness while minimising its bounce – the perfect recipe for genuinely comfortable sleep.

What is even more important is that the springs in each side of the bed withstand the weight of each partner separately, not allowing the lighter one to be lifted or rolled over each time the heavier one moves around. Whoever of the two you may be, your sleep is bound to be much more pleasant in the future!

Indeed, EJ. Life 4FT6 provides great support for the body, since it distributes the persons’ weight on each of its coils, thus ensuring that all contours are properly and, most of all, gently supported.

Bear also in mind that pocket sprung mattresses also help in tackling back or joint pains, thanks to both its firmness and tailored support. Studies have shown that the key to a more comfortable sleep for people with such issues is reducing pressure on the aching area and thus alleviate the pain. Its excellent support ensures proper posture and, hence, a much more comfortable sleep.

Last, we shouldn’t forget the memory foam, allowing each side of the mattress to gradually mould around your body in the best possible way. The fabric is top-notch quality too; the only thing some people find on the downside is that it preserves the heat, which can be a bit disturbing in really hot nights for some. But we found that by using proper sheets you can tackle this problem.

  • Double Pocket Sprung Mattress
  • Ideal for sleeping partners with great size/ weight variations
  • Well-lanced softness and firmness
  • Reasonably priced
  • Memory Foam
  • It retains heat a bit longer

Our Opinion

Life 4FT6 is just perfect for people seeking balance between firmness and softness, and ideal for couples of different weight and size.

5. Emma Original EU Double Mattress – The “Most Popular for a Reason” Choice


Emma Original King Size Mattress
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Emma Original EU Double Mattress has been designated as a Best Buy for 2018 and 2019 – and word on the street is that it may score three in arrow. Known for its advanced memory foam material that comfortable moulds around your body, Emma takes mattress design several notches up.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Emma
  • Dimensions: 140 x 200 X 25 cm
  • Weight: 25.6 Kg
  • Material: Cotton and Polyester
  • Features: Supportive, Pressure-Relieving, Breathable
  • Memory Airgocell Foam
  • 10-year warranty

Design & Features

As soon as Emma Original EU Double Mattress arrives into your bedroom, just unwrap it and it will expand to its normal size within a couple of hours or so. As you will instantly see, the top cover is so elastic that it will fit the core of your mattress perfectly. The grey side cover gives the mattress a rather stylish look while griping firmly the underside with its non-slip elements.

Emma’s famed elasticity and adaptability are both owed to its advanced Airgocell material and highly improved combination of this decompressing breathable layer, its visco-elastic memory foam and an added layer polyurethane foam. This highly advanced 3-layer zone and 4cm thick profile distribute the body’s weight and pressure even more efficiently, improving adjustment and setting the scene for an even more comfortable sleep and a faster yet deeper rest.

Featuring this truly unique design, Emma will adjust to any type of sleep style, while allowing for both sleeping partners to make the most of their side of the bed. Be it a back-, side- or stomach-sleeper, its 7-zone back structure alleviates the pressure or sensitive points and areas of the body while providing excellent lower back support, making sleep in any given position extremely comfortable.

We should also mention that Airgocell is highly breathable due to cleverly distributed pores, thus ensuring proper ventilation. On top of that, its climate control fibre cover makes moisture removal faster than ever – which is also critical for a good night’s sleep, especially in coastal areas. Note though that it retains some heat, and maybe it is not ideal for really hot climates.

  • Moisture-regulating top cover
  • Breathable point-elastic Airgocell-foam
  • Great 7-zone support
  • Visco-Elastic memory foam
  • Great durability
  • Value for money
  • Maybe not ideal for really hot climates

Our Opinion

Boasting a 3-layer profile, a 7-zone body support system, Emma offers such a great combination of comfort, durability, optimal pressure distribution, adaptability and climate-regulation, that it comes as no surprise that this is Emma’s most popular mattress.

6. Lv.life 6FT Super King Bamboo Fiber Mattress – The Great Choice


Lv. life 6FT Super King Bamboo Fiber Mattress
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Moving up the quality and comfort scale, we have the Lv. life 6FT Super King Bamboo Mattress, which obviously comes at a – wholly justifiable – premium. Perfectly balanced between softness and firmness, it will certainly take your sleep quality to another level.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Lv. life
  • Colour: Bamboo Fibre
  • Dimensions: 180 x 200cm
  • Material: Memory Foam, Bamboo
  • Pocket Sprung Design
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • 9-Zone Support System

Design & Features

The first thing we should mention about Lv. life 6FT Super King Bamboo Mattress is its exclusive use of pocket springs. Combined with memory foam, you enjoy unsurpassed comfort and minimum pressure on the contours across your body.

Lv.life 6FT comes with an innovative 9-Zone support system with individual spring coil pockets, ensuring amazing shock-absorption, durability and resilience. They have also been proven to greatly improve your sleeping posture by slowly adjusting your vertebra into proper positioning while relaxing your muscles and allowing for a deep, rewarding rest.

Also note that its individual pocket spring and slow spring back foam absorb noise and vibrations so efficiently, that even with the most restless partner of the world cannot make enough noise or turn around to disturb your sleep.

One of the most important traits of this mattress is its amazing combination of elegant design and durability. Most mattresses, even at this price range, invest either in looks or resilience – seldom can we find both at top-notch levels.

Well, Lv. life 6FT is not one of these cases. On top of that, its linen knitted fabric mattress boasts prime antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-acne, and anti-ultraviolet qualities. Its fabric is also famed for its resilience, gas permeability, degradability, as well as drape and abrasion resistance. Being capable of absorbing moisture faster than most of the fabrics used for top covers, it is also one of the most flame retardant materials used in the industry.

  • One of the best combinations of looks and construction quality
  • Advanced memory foam material
  • Great support across the vertebra
  • Excellent vibration and noise absorption

Nothing we could find.

Our Opinion

Boasting fantastic quality, durability and design, Lv. life 6FT Super King Bamboo Mattress is one of the best king size mattresses available in today’s market.

7. Oak Furniture Land Marlborough Posture Pocket 6000 – The High-End Choice


Oak Furniture Land Marlborough
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Last, we close our list with a mattress that is certainly not budget-friendly but is indeed worth every penny of its price tag, offering the best mattress technology and construction quality available today.

At a Glance

  • Brand: Oak Furniture Land
  • Model: MAT-MALB6000-SUPER
  • Dimensions: 180 x 25 x 200cm
  • Weight: 22.2kg
  • Super king-size mattress

Design & Features

The Marlborough 6000 is magnificent in any given aspect. Amazing design, prime construction quality, fabrics with antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-acne, and anti-ultraviolet qualities, and no less than 6000 pocket springs – which are also the reason behind this model’s name

What is even more impressive is that each pocket spring works individually to provide tailored support to each part of yours and your partner’s body, thus ensuring zero rolling and disturbances during sleep.

Absorption of vibrations is so amazing that you can hardly hear or feel anything while resting on it, no matter how restless your partner is. The pocket springs are encapsulated within high-grade foam that preserve that the edges of the mattress, while its top layer is made from a specially developed open cell foam designed to allow the air to circulate better and more efficiently than ever, thus regulating temperature and moisture naturally, regardless of the humidity of the climate you live in. Despite most of our previous picks, it preserves a steady temperature in its surface, making it ideal for sleep in both very hot or cold climates.

  • Top construction quality
  • Prime materials
  • 6000 pocket springs working individually
  • Moisture and heat regulating fabric
  • Excellent body support
  • Great durability
  • Not exactly cheap

Our Opinion

Marlborough 6000 is by far the best king-size mattress in our list, but, naturally, it comes at a premium.