6 Best Washing Machines of 2020 in UK +1 Dryer

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Hotpoint WMBF9447 P – 9kg (A+++) – A Best Seller

hotpoint wmbf944

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Best Washing Machines Right Now!

Hotpoint WMBF9447 P – Washing Machine Aquarius 9kg Polar White – Value for Money

Key Features

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  • Colour: Polar White
  • Variable temperature control
  • Spin cycle control
  • Anti-allergy cycle
  • Time remaining indicator
  • Up to 1400 rpm spin speed
  • 16 Programmes
  • A+++ Energy Rating
  • 9kg Load Capacity
  • Digital Display
  • Delay Start

Technical Details

Item Weight74 Kg
Product Dimensions60.5 x 59.5 x 85 cm
Standard Capacity Cycle9 Kilograms
Energy EfficiencyA+++
Weighted Annual Energy Consumption196 kilowatt hours
Weighted Annual Water Consumption12254 litres
Spinning Performance RatingB
Annual Energy Consumption196 kilowatt hours
Washing Performance RatingA
Maximum Rotational Speed1400 rpm
Noise Level Washing53 dB
Noise Level Spinning81 dB
Noise Level81 dB
Installation TypeFreestanding
Form FactorStandalone
Special Features·         Digital display

·         Delay start timer

·         Delicate wash

·         Variable spin and temperature control

ColourPolar White
Access LocationFront load
Weight74 Kilograms
Manufacturer WarrantyFree 10-year Parts & 1 year Labour Warranty

Note: you will have to When you register your purchase with the manufacturer within 28 days


The Hotpoint Aquarius 9 Kg Polar White Energy Class A+++ has a lot of excellent selling points which you will find further discussed in the description below.  It not only looks good but is built to last a long time and is highly efficient – just what is needed in a family washing machine.  It also boasts the Woolmark platinum care award for care in its treatment of woollen fibres. It comes in an easy to keep clean Polar White colour.


The Hotpoint WMBF944P Washing Machine fits easily into any laundry space with its dimensions of 59.5 cm Width x 60.5 cm Depth and 85 cm Height.  It is straightforward to use with its LED screen and icons with digital display.  The delay start button means you can do your wash at night at a cheaper rate of electricity (also check these Laundry Hacks) just by setting it to the time you wish the wash to begin. It has 16 programmes with a 9 Kg capacity which is a sufficient amount for the average family doing a single washing load.   One of these programmes is the anti-allergen which greatly reduces the chief allergens normally to be found.  This means extra rinsing ensures the clothes are suitable for the most sensitive of skin – even a baby or toddler.

This washing machine is also highly energy efficient with A+++ rating which employs the least amount of power while producing the best quality of cleanliness.  The device has a variable temperature control, spin cycle control, time remaining indicator to show where you are in the wash and it spins at a speed of up to 1400 rpm.

Some wondered…

Some customers wondered if the machine was capable of washing a double duvet to which the reply is – yes it certainly is, even if the duvet in king size.

Others enquired as to whether it had a quick 40 or 60-degree washing cycle.  Not only does it have a quick wash setting but you can also choose 30, 40, 50 or 60 degrees.

There were some who asked whether the machine does a half load.  It doesn’t do half loads, but if you select No. 2 anti-stain quick, it will only take an hour.

  • High energy saving
  • 16 programmes to choose from
  • Easy to fit into any household
  • Straightforward to use
  • Anti-allergy cycle
  • Virtually noiseless
  • Turns off automatically

No major complaints have been made to date on this item. The only thing we could trace was one customer had trouble adjusting the front ‘feet’ of the machine…

Our opinion

You can’t go wrong if you choose to purchase the Hotpoint 9 Kg Aquarius Polar White washing machine.  The price is right – it is efficient and saves on energy while being easy to use.  In our opinion, this Hotpoint washing machine is one of the best on the market at this time.

Beko WMV26W – 6Kg A+ Rated 1200 Spin 15 Programmes Washing Machine in White – Cheap Choice

Key Features

beko wmv26w
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  • Slim depth to easily fit into tight kitchen space
  • Fast wash only takes 28 minutes for a full load
  • Fast wash for a small load of 2 kg takes only 14 minutes
  • LED light indicators to show where you are
  • Child safety lock
  • Dark care programme to keep dark clothes dark
  • Baby/toddler anti-allergy programme
  • Hand wash programme is 10% more efficient & saves on bills

Technical Details

Part NumberWMV26W
Item Weight81 Kg
Dimensions·         Height 84cm

·         Width 60cm

·         Depth 48cm


In addition to all the key features listed above, Beko washing machines are far more efficient than other brands due to their unique Aquafusion Technology which ensures that washing detergent is not wasted and enhances the washing programme.  Most other machines lose almost 25% of detergent in comparison.

There are various programmes listed in the description.  This is the ideal machine if you need to fit it into a tight kitchen space where it will line up with other cabinets.  It is fast and highly efficient.  It is the ideal machine for single people or those with a small family and on a small budget.


The Beko WMV26W 6 Kg 1200 spin washing machine is an ideal buy if you want a perfect slim fitting unit for your kitchen.  It will easily fit in with other kitchen cabinets which is pleasing to the eye.

It is A+ energy reduced making it economical and it has the added benefit of the Beko Aquafusion Technology which ensures that there is no wasted washing detergent as in other machines.

As mentioned in the key features there is an extra fast wash for both a full and half load which cuts washing time to a minimum.  In addition to this, there is an automatic water level reduction for half load or small loads.  This way you also conserve water consumption.

The hand wash programme means that it is 10% more efficient than other models.  This greatly saves on your electricity bills.

There is a special dark care wash which means that your darker clothes don’t end up with white patches of powder on them but come out like new.

The baby/toddler programme uses extra rinsing for sensitive skins to avoid any allergies that may arise from allergens like dust or pollen.

The child lock ensures extra safety – not only for children but pets as well!

Some wondered…

Some searchers wondered how long the quick wash takes.  The quick wash takes about 30 minutes.

Others asked if the washing machine comes equipped with connection hoses.  Yes, the unit comes with all the necessary connection parts and is ready for use as soon as it is connected.

  • Easy to use
  • Cost efficient and fast
  • 15 Programmes
  • Sleek and simple easy to fit into any kitchen
  • Perfect for those on a budget

There have been no customer complaints about this item.

Our opinion

This compact washing machine is ideal for single people or small families.  It fits into a tight space and is highly efficient in every way.  We fully recommend the Beko 6 Kg 1200 spin washing machine.  It is one of the most economical machines around today.

Hotpoint WMBF742P – Washing Machine Aquarius 7kg Polar White

Key Features

hotpoint wmbf742p
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  • 16 Programmes
  • A+ Energy efficient rating
  • Awarded the prestigious Woolmark Platinum Care for treatment of woollen fibres
  • Freestanding and stylish

Technical Details

Item Weight100 Kg
Product Dimensions60.5 x 59.5 x 85 cm
Spinning Performance RatingB
Capacity7 Kilograms
Part NumberWMBF742P
Weight100 Kilograms


The Hotpoint WMBF742P washing machine has a large 7 kg drum and spins at 1400 rpm.  It is reasonably priced and has a diverse number of programmes some of which are highlighted in the description below.  It is energy efficient with an A+ rating and has a superior design which meets the standards of advanced technology.  This washing machine is free-standing and is pleasing to the eye as well as being economical.


The Polar White Hotpoint WMBF742P washing machine has unique qualities not found in other machines.  Included in the 16 programmes is a special cycle for shirts which reduces creasing and thereby makes ironing so much easier.  There is also a bed and bath programme which is designed with bulky loads of bedding and towels in mind.  It delivers a high-quality performance.

Other programmes worthy of mentioning are the anti-stain which removes even the most difficult stains in one wash.  The anti-allergy cycle is a must to remove unwanted allergens such as dust or pollen, making it suitable for the most sensitive of skins.

Other important features include Auto Clean, Eco Tech, Super Wash, Child lock for safety, Cleaning Action, Delay Timer to save on electricity and Intensity and Boost.

The machine has a 7 Kg load capacity; 1400 rpm spin speed and a B spinning function.

  • Very quiet washing machine
  • Easy to use
  • Unique programme selection
  • Economical and stylish

No complaints have been recorded by customers – at least for a product of this price.

Hoover DXC58BC3 – A+++ 8KG 1500rpm Washing Machine in Black & Chrome & Delay Timer

Key Features

hoover dyn166p8bc
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  • 8 Kg load capacity
  • 1500 rpm spin speed
  • 19 Programmes
  • A+++ Energy rating
  • 10 year guarantee for parts & 1 year labour guarantee

Technical Details

Item Weight100 Kg
Energy EfficiencyA+++
Efficiency (10 classes)A+++ to D
Installation TypeFreestanding
Part NumberDXC58BC3
Capacity Name17.6 pounds
Weight100 Kilograms
Dimensions850 cm x 59.5 cm x 58.00 cm


The Hoover DXC58BC3 is an ideal choice for a large family.  It has an 8 kg load capacity with a 1500 rpm spin speed which ensures that your clothes are much drier which will save on time and energy.  It also means that a drier isn’t necessary and is a definite plus on rainy days.


This Hoover 8 kg washing machine is of an ingenious design and comes in black and chrome.  There are 19 different programmes to choose from to ensure the right wash for every laundering.  There is a variable spin speed as well as variable temperature settings to achieve the very best possible results.  The LED display screen allows you to check on the process of each cycle.  There is the added feature of a 24-hour delay timer so that you can take advantage of cheaper electricity rates if desired and do your wash late at night.

The energy consumption is 252 kWh which brings the machine up to an A+++ energy rating.  The large porthole opening on the washing machine enables easy loading and unloading.

There is a 10-year guarantee for spare parts and a 1-year labour warranty which is a bonus.  The A+++ Energy rating means it is economical and the price is reasonable for this class of machine.

Some wondered…

There were enquiries as to whether a double bed sized duvet would fit into the machine.  Yes, even a king size would fit with no problem whatsoever.

Others asked if there was a spin only programme. Yes, there is a spinning programme which takes approximately 9 minutes to complete.

Customers wondered if there is a rapid wash. There is a fast wash which takes only 14 minutes on low temperatures of 20-30 degrees.  The top temperature wash for this machine is 90C.

  • Economical and energy saving
  • Reasonable price & high quality
  • Elegant appearance in black and chrome
  • Diverse programmes to choose from
  • 24 Hour delay timer

There were a few complaints regarding a little noise the machine makes – but we doubt there are any 100% silent washing machines on the market.

Our opinion

We believe that for a large family this Hoover washing machine is a perfect choice.  The price is right with the added benefit of parts and labour guarantees.  It is efficient, elegant to look at and does the job.  What more could you ask.

Bosch WAE24164GB – Class ixx 6kg 1200rpm Freestanding Washing Machine White

Key Features

bosch wae24167gb
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  • 6 Kg load capacity
  • EcoSilence Drive for quiet operation
  • Energy efficient Class A+++
  • WaveDrum for gentle washing
  • Free – standing

Technical Details

Item Weight71 Kg
Product Dimensions59 cm x 60 cm x 84.8 cm
Weight71 Kilograms


This Bosch washing machine is very solidly constructed as well as being super quiet and efficient. It has a very high Class A+++ energy rating.   It is an ideal family machine and is an asset to any household.  It is far more capable than other top class brands on the market.

This free-standing machine has a 6 kg load capacity which is suitable for a single person or small family.


The Bosch WAE24167GB washing machine is super quiet with a special EcoSilence Drive.  It has a 6 kg loading capacity which means you could wash a single duvet or 30 shirts in just one wash!  WaveDrum ensures extra gentle washing.  It has a 1200 spin speed which means your washing is dry in no time.  There are 15 programmes for all sorts of different fabrics, as well as a programme for dark fabrics.  With such a high energy rating this machine saves you money and is super efficient to boot!

The dimensions of the washing machine are 84.8 cm Height x 60 cm Width x 59 cm Depth. The VarioPerfect aspect means the wash takes 65% less time than the average machine and also uses 50% less energy, so it is a win/win situation giving total flexibility.

It has an exceptional quality seal of Allergy+/ECARE for those who are affected by allergies from common allergens such as dust and pollens.

The colour is in classic white so that it fits in with any décor.  The practical design means that the buttons and dials are labeled in black therefore easy to see and use.

The programmes include one for cotton, natural care for a gentle wash and super fast for a speedy washing time.  The eco-wash ensures that less energy and water are consumed but for a longer duration.  The load sensor identifies and chooses exactly the correct amount of water to wash your clothes.

The LED indicator allows you to see where you are in the wash.

Some wondered…

Some searchers wondered if the machine can be connected to a hot water pipe.  It can only be connected to a cold feed.

  • VarioPerfect means it takes 65% less time and uses 50% less energy
  • Allergy+/ECARE Quality Seal: for allergy sufferers
  • WaveDrum trademark ensures special gentle washing due to the unique structure of the drum
  • Touch control buttons
  • ActiveWater technology to save water with 2-step automatic load adjustment system
  • Cold water feed only

A few customers complained that there is occasional water that needs to be cleaned out of the machine.

Our opinion

We would dash out and buy this machine ourselves!  It has so many unique qualities plus the high-performance ratings and cold water feed.  It conserves energy, water and costs.  You can’t go wrong.

Hoover DYN166P8BC – 10kg Washing Machine, 1600 Spin, Silent Pulse Motor, 8 Pulse Jet Technology

– Best Choice

Key Features

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  • 10 Kg capacity load
  • A+++ Energy Rating
  • Silent Pulse Motor
  • 8 Pulse Jet Technology
  • All in one programme for whites & colours
  • One year parts & labour warranty
  • Ten year parts guarantee

Technical Details



This large brand new Hoover DYN166P8BC “Dynamic 10” washing machine comes in a sleek black with chrome door finish.  It has a vast load capacity of 10 kg and a 1600 rpm spin speed.  This machine uses high-end technology which is further discussed below in the description.  There is a 1-year parts and labour warranty from the manufacturer as well as a 10-year parts guarantee.


The Hoover DYN166P8BC Dynamic 10 washing machine is highly elegant in classic black with chrome door finish.  It holds up to 10 kg of clothes and is therefore suitable for a large family.

The unique All-in-One programme is the very first on the market which is devoted to both white and coloured clothes all in the same washing programme.  The Dedicated Duvet programme ensures that there is no more lumping together in your duvet.

The very latest up to date 8 Pulse Technology means that there are eight jets positioned in the drum which shoots pre-mixed detergent soap right into the centre of your wash.  This guarantees the very best performance which enhances the outcome of the wash.

There is a variable spin speed as well as a variable temperature LCD digital display so that you can see precisely how long it will take to complete the load.  A 23-hour delay starting timer means that you can time your wash to start when the electricity cost is at its lowest, thereby saving more money on bills.

Other excellent features are the 14 minute Rapid Wash which is a highly fast wash for small loads.  The Rapid, 44 minute wash, is for a medium sized load, and the A-Class wash takes only 59 minutes.

The KG Mode has sensors that can detect the weight of the wash and then works out how much water will be required for that weight.  This not only saves on water consumption but also on electricity costs.

The All-in-One exceptional programme is unique in that you can combine your whites and colours without fear of colours running and have a perfect result for both types of clothing.

The 3D Dynamic Wash System includes specially curved paddles in the drum for the most advantageous washing results.  In fact, there are 16 programmes which include the Light Load Wool programme which takes special care of your woollen clothes ensuring they come out like new.

The Stain-blaster function will easily get out any stubborn stain.  The Hygienic Cycle with automatic load control detects the amount of water and power needed for the load.

The Sensitive Care programme adds up to 5 extra rinses which guarantees to remove all allergens from the wash making it ideal for baby or toddler clothes.  The Silk and Hand wash programmes speak for themselves.

This washing machine is for cold water fill only using 62 litres per cycle for a full load.  The door opening is extra large for easy loading.

The actual dimensions are:  850mm Height x 600mm Width x 600mm Depth.

  • Rapid washing for a full load of 10 kg
  • Wash your whites & coloured clothes together!
  • Cold water filling only
  • A+++ Energy Rating
  • Silent Pulse motor
  • Elegant design and sleek black and chrome colouring
  • Ideal for a large family

There have been no customer complaints whatsoever and with good reason!

Our opinion

If you have a large family or just do many large loads then buy this excellent Hoover washing machine today!

Hotpoint V4D01P – Dryers White

Key Features

hotpoint dryer
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  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Energy rating Class C
  • Vented Dryer
  • Anti -Tangle function
  • Timed tumble drying

Technical Details

Item Weight19 Kg
Product Dimensions49 x 48 x 67 cm
Standard Capacity Cycle4 Kilograms
Efficiency (10 classes)C
Weighted Annual Energy Consumption330 kilowatt hours
Capacity58 litres
Noise Level Drying66 dB
Noise Level66 dB
Installation TypeFreestanding
Weight19 Kilograms
Manufacturer WarrantyHotpoint 10 Year Parts, 1 Year Labour
Warranty, Parts:10 years free parts
Warranty, Labor1 Year Labour


This small compact Hotpoint V4DOIP tumble drier is ideal for a single person or small family.  It takes a 4 kg load and is easy to clean and maintain.  The machine is free-standing and will easily fit into any kitchen or small space.


The Hotpoint V4DOIP tumble drier is a vented drier with Anti-Tangle Technology which means that there is a reverse action which ensures the clothes don’t become entangled while drying.  There is a high and low heat setting which lets you choose the high setting for cottons or the low for your delicate loads.  The timed tumbling function lets you set the drying time for the length you desire.

The ventilation outlet is set in the front so that you can easily fit the unit plush against a wall at the back.

The machine is white, compact and takes a load of 4 kg.  It is easy to use and clean.  There is the added bonus of a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Ideal for a small space.
  • Ventilation outlet in the door so that it fits against the wall.
  • Dries a full load in less than an hour.
  • Competitive price.
  • Anti – tangle and dries without creases.

Some customers complained about the noise of the drum rotating while others worried about over-heating.

Our opinion

This is an ideal small drier which is suitable for your drying needs and comes at a competitive price.  We think it is excellent value for the money.


Buying a washing machine is a kind of domestic investment. No one buys a washing machine thinking that he or probably she will have to throw it away or replace it in a few months. Hence, careful weigh your options and make a wise choice.

Buyer’s Guide

A washing machine is an integral part of family life in today’s world, and most people own one.  We have endeavoured to find the 7 very best washing machines on the market at the moment to help you choose your next purchase wisely.  These washing machines are the most efficient energy-saving items you will find online and will probably suit every budget.

There are washing machines for large families, average families and single people as well.  Some are free-standing while others are slim and compact to fit neatly into a kitchen unit.

Preferably your washing machine should be made to last and do a good job as well as fit your budget.  We believe that you will find the perfect choice listed below for your family.

Washing Machine Profile

Your washing machine should fit your personal needs, look good and fit into its allocated space.  It should be as energy saving as possible (European Union Energy label) while still giving a high quality performance.  Every machine has its own set of programmes and load capacity as well as the spinning rate per minute.

The price is of course of ultimate importance as well as the durability of the product.  A washing machine is a personal choice, you should take into consideration exactly what you wish your machine to do for you and then find one to suit your budget.

Important Washing Machine Parts

The washing machine drum where you load the clothes in will indicate the capability of the amount of kilograms you can wash per load.

 For a single person a 6 kg loading capacity should be sufficient whereas a large family would need an 8 kg capacity load. 

Other parts include the control button, starting button or LED screen.  Some machines have time remaining indicators to show where you are in the cycle, others have 24 hour delay functions so that you can do your wash at night on a lower electricity rate.  You will find the full description of each washing machine listed below.  Some washing machines come with guarantees for the parts and for labour.

Now, we think we are ready to buy your best washing machines available online for the year 2020. You can check some hot deals here https://www.expertreviews.co.uk/home-appliances/1406480/best-washing-machine-deals