7 Best Watches for Women Under £200 for 2020 in the UK

Bonnie Jeckins

Bonnie was born in 1983 and works as a journalist. She is responsible for all 7-best women items articles and reviews. - What Others Think of Her - Most people would describe her as a bit stubborn when it comes to arguing or defending her views on a subject, but none can accuse her of wild talk or just speaking baloney. Bonnie is the kind of person that will not speak if she doesn’t feel she knows enough about something. If she does though… you’d better have some strong arguments if you question her judgement! Bonnie is athletic enough but does not really love the idea of pushing her body and mind to their limits. Still, if such a venture is required for one of her articles or reviews, she will accept the challenge. She loves books, murder mysteries and political thrillers, and plays better soccer than most of her colleagues. - Why She Does it - Bonnie dreamed of becoming a journalist early on in her life and did not find it hard to get there. Fond of scrutinising political views, social debates and external policy, she initially started writing reviews on women items and equipment as a means to up her monthly income and improve her writing style. Soon, she got addicted to it. According to her, she loves the idea of “helping others pick the best and rid the trash”; she sees it as a way to punish firms, manufacturers and retailers who fail to live up to the consumer’s expectations and try to take our hard-earned money without delivering. - Why We Love Her - We love Bonnie for her high standards, accurate descriptions, fluent style and love of boosting the good guys’ reputation and shipwrecking the phonies.

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