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About 7best.co.uk

7Best is a review hub designed to help you narrow down your options and pick the product best suits your needs and wants, without wondering about its quality.

Once you discover its wealth of information, it will become your indispensable tool in figuring out the best possible purchase, for an array of products – from men’s watches to ski jackets, from surfing boards to coffee machines.

We check and review for you the top 7 picks in a certain line of products, and then explain to you the reasons that led us to our choices, offering useful advice whether you follow our recommendations or not.

Is 7Best something new?

No, of course not.

There are plenty of review websites out there, some of which are very popular. Still, we, first as consumers and then as creators of this website, believe there are things missing or, at least, not adequately highlighted or properly presented.

One thing, for instance, is the language used in reviews, which is often much too technical and hard to understand by the average reader. Another is the layout or length of a review-article that makes it almost impossible for the modern-day reader to go through from start to finish.

We decided to help to change all that.


We value honesty and never claim we do all this work without any gain. While we sensed the need to find a website with concise, comprehensible information that could help us and other fellow-buyers that face the same challenges. We also saw a chance of profiting from our work.

Using Amazon Affiliate program, we give our readers the opportunity to show their gratitude every time they find one of our reviews useful to click on Affiliate links and make their purchase through our website, affording us a small commission.

Please note that you are not charged extra by using our affiliate links! Υou just help us continue to provide you with useful information in the future. Bear also in mind that we never accept free products from any manufacturer whatsoever.

Our Mission

Our mission? To make your market research easier, your purchases as best as possible, and force both the manufacturers and retailers to constantly improve their products and services. Still, what will fill us with joy at the end of the day is you being confident with your decision.

Our Values

Our top priority is reliability.

We do our best to provide you with accurate information, double-checking it from several different sources. We make use of the manufacturer’s information about each product, but never rely on it, nor accept it without checking it first-hand, trying out each product and its features and sharing with you our thoughts.

Clarity is another top priority for all our reviews. That is why we use a standard layout for all our articles, with specific subtitles, bullet points, and sections that allow you to scan the key specifications, advantages and disadvantages of a product even without reading all the details or the whole review, from start to finish.

We strive to keep thinking as buyers, as consumers. We try our best to figure out what information will probably prove more useful and present it to you in the most concise and clear-cut way.

How We Do It

Our services entail much more than writing an article.

First of all, we select a certain product that seems to attract a lot of attention to the search engines. Next, we research the market on your behalf and come up with a list of 10 – 15 of the best products.

Then, we gather as much information as possible for these products, using the manufacturer’s manual as a basis and then trying to verify, through testing, whether it is accurate or not, and to what degree.

We also make the most of independent tests, the opinion of experts, as well as feedback from buyers who have already purchased and used the product. Still, we mostly rely on our personal experience.

No, we do not buy every single item, but there are other ways to find one and test it for ourselves. Most manufacturers are glad to have their products examined, especially after they are told they were handpicked among hundreds of others, similar ones.

Naturally, most of these products require some technical expertise and “inside” knowledge – and that is why we have come up with a team of reviewers with the necessary background and skill in writing that undertake the final examination of the products and write the articles.

Note that, even though each review is signed by a single writer-reviewer, he or she is never solely responsible for the information presented. A whole team of people have helped him or her gather the information and evaluate it and finally come up with the 7 – best list.

You can find small introductory articles for each of our reviewers here. Its section of our website has its own primary reviewer, while there are cases, especially in more specialised products and machinery, that we also ask help from other reviewers.

Why Trust Us?

The 7Best team members spend hours researching, evaluating, scrutinising, filtering out, verifying and analysing information, as well as testing all kinds of different products in order to come with a 7-best list.

Our gain and profit comes only when a customer finds our articles useful – and that is why we strive to make them as accurate and reliable as possible.

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