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7Best is the review hub that you need when you’re about to buy something. From men’s watches to ski jackets and more … we compare the top products among hundreds to give you the best advice before you choose. Our mission is to make it easy for you to purchase a product and be confident with your decision.

How we review

We are committed to provide reliable; honest and to the point reviews. We buy the best products just like you do. We test it and then we create a piece of detailed reviews on each. Pointing the pros; the cons and our thoughts.

About 7Best

Is 7Best something new? No of course not. There are plenty of review websites out there. Some of which are really popular (i.e. thisiswhyimbroke.com). Our mission is to deliver detailed reviews for products you might be interested in. In case you want us to review something for you you can drop us a line here.

Nowadays there are info pretty much about everything. We know that. Nevertheless we will try to be even more comprehensive in our pieces. It’s a pain in the ass sometimes but hell we are dedicated! We have a team of reviewers -people like you- who are struggling to create those pieces. For example this article was made in 40 working hours!

Why we doing this

Of course we are looking to make some extra cash and maybe at some point be able to leave our day jobs. We use Amazon Affiliate program so if you see a link to a product is probably an Affiliate one.

What does that mean? It means that if you click on our links and purchase a product in 24 hours we make a small commission. You are not charged a penny more!

Getting Started

There are some articles that we love more than others. We have our personal favourite which you can find here:

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