7 Best Fitness Trackers 2020 in the UK (Under £100)

If one of your 2020 resolutions is to be healthier and fitter, then surely a fitness tracker is to be your helping hand in reaching your goal. Moreover, since the market is affluent with these smart, high-tech devices, we are here to help you with another top 7 of the most affordable fitness trackers that definitely worth your money.

Best Fitbit Alternative

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Pedometer Watch with Slim Touch Screen and Wristbands, Wearable Activity...
2,218 Reviews
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker, Pedometer Watch with Slim Touch Screen and Wristbands, Wearable Activity...
  • All-day activity tracking: [no heart rate monitor] accurately record all-day activities like Steps,...
  • Sleep monitor: automatically track your sleep duration and consistency With comprehensive analysis...
  • Calls and messages reminder: Remind call, SMS and SNS notifications on your fitness tracker
  • Built-in USB plug: built-in USB plug makes it easy to charge in any USB port, No cable needed. One...

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Top 3 Best-Sellers right now

SaleBestseller No. 1
Updated 2020 Version High-End Fitness Trackers HR, Activity Trackers Health Exercise Watch with...
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Updated 2020 Version High-End Fitness Trackers HR, Activity Trackers Health Exercise Watch with...
  • All-day Activity Tracking: Accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories...
  • Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring: Built-in the Nordic 51832 Chip, minimum size, lowest power...
  • Multi-Sport Modes & Connected GPS: 14 exercise modes help you better understand specific activity...
  • See Calls & Messages on Your Wrist: With a High-end Mobile Phone LCD Screen, the screen intensity is...
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LETSCOM Fitness Trackers with Heart Rate Monitor Waterproof, Calorie Counter Pedometer Activity...
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LETSCOM Fitness Trackers with Heart Rate Monitor Waterproof, Calorie Counter Pedometer Activity...
  • Heart rate & sleep monitoring: tracks your real-time heart rate automatically and tracks your deep...
  • All-day activity tracking & GPS connectivity: accurately record all-day activity, including steps,...
  • Multiple Sport modes: 14 different activity tracking modes including: walking, running, fitness,...
  • Never miss call & message: your smart watch vibrates to notify you of incoming calls, calendar, SMS...
Bestseller No. 3
LETSCOM Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Smart Watch, Activity Tracker, Step Counter, Sleep...
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LETSCOM Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Smart Watch, Activity Tracker, Step Counter, Sleep...
  • Heart rate monitoring & sleep tracking: heart rate monitoring helps you understand your heart status...
  • Activity tracking with 9 sports modes: track your daily activity data like Steps, calories, distance...
  • Multifunctional smart watch: Sedentary reminders, relaxation training, call/message reminders,...
  • Easy charging & 10+ DAYS usage time: with a 210mAh large battery, Just 2 to 3 hours charging enables...

Let’s have a deeper look in the Top 7 Trackers worth buying…

1. Letscom Fitness Tracker – Best Fitbit Alternative in UK – Cheap Choice

Letscom Fitness Tracker
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First on our list is a fitness tracker wristband by Letscom, a relatively new company that offers quality products at low prices. Nevertheless, the low price is not its sole advantage.

However, let’s get straight to the heart of the matter and see its features one by one.


Letscom kept things simple in terms of design. The primary tracking device clips on two soft rubbery bands, which are replaceable with a range of different colour options sold separately by the same company. Despite the low price, the bands are not flimsy at all; on the contrary, they feel quite durable.

The two little metal knobs that secure the watch on your wrist have a good grasp without having wear-off issues. Now, as for the display, it is easy to read the OLED screen indoors, but there is a slight difficulty on that matter once you are outdoors, especially on a bright sunny day.

Nevertheless, we have to mention that setting up and handling this device is easy peasy.


This smart tracker is powered by one Lithium polymer rechargeable battery, which is included in the package.

One of the most significant advantages of Letscom’s ID115 Tracker Watch is the built-in USB plug, which is cleverly hidden inside the rubber band and allows the device to be charged cable-free.

As for the charging time, just one hour plugged in the socket and you are carefree for the rest 5-7 days! Not too bad for a £20 fitness tracker, right?

Functions Provided: It is awe-inspiring how many features you are offered at such a low price!

  • To start with the basics, it counts your steps and burned calories, and it is also a sleep tracker. All these data can be transferred to your phone via a Bluetooth connection and by using a free app from the app store. Hence, you can know your progress towards your goal with a single glance at the graphs.
  • The device supports IOS 7.1 and above or Android 4.4 and above.
  • It offers various notification functions, such as call alerts and SMS/SNS alerts, while it can notify you discretely when you have a call with a mere vibration, a simple yet very appreciated function, especially when you are watching a movie at the cinemas or you are having a business meeting.
  • A real plus are the Remote camera shooting and the Find Phone function, which allow you to take photos with your phone remotely and locate your device by making it ring or vibrate.
  • Last but not least, it is splash proof, so you do not need to worry if your sweat or a spill will affect its operation.
Our Verdict:

Overall, this little gadget is a value-for-money option, ideal for those who want to enter the world of fitness gadgets, a.k.a newbies who are not willing to pay a lot right from the start of their fitness journey.

It has most of the basic functions (minus the heart rate function), and some really appreciated extras. The sole disadvantage can be found in the brightness of the screen but all in all, for the price, it has exceeded our expectations.


2. Mpow Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor – Value-for-Money

Mpow Fitness Tracker
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Mpow Fitness Tracker is rated #1 on Amazon’s Best Sellers List, and this is not surprising because this little gem here gathers all the essential functions you need at a fair price.

We really appreciate the heart rate monitor function and the simple design of this fitness gadget.


The Mpow Fitness tracker arrives well packaged in a small display box, where you will also find a small leaflet with the necessary instructions.

Now, as for the watch itself, it has a plasticky yet not flimsy strap with a loop to secure it over the wrist, and it fastens via the typical metal stud. Overall, the design is following the motto “less-is-more”.

It is available in two plain colours, total black and blue. Due to the simplicity of the design, you do not really need to read the instructions to use it. Once you pair it with your phone via the Bluetooth technology, the date and time values are synced automatically with your phone. With a mere swipe of your finger across the screen, you can see the date and time, the number of calories you’ve burned and the steps you have taken until that moment.


A built-in rechargeable Lithium battery requires only 45 minutes or so to be fully charged, and it lasts a full week in the best case. Again, like the Letscom model, you do not get tangled with cables because the unit bears a USB plug, so recharging this gadget is very easy and straightforward.

Functions Provided:

  • Swiping up or down the OLED screen you can see the Function Mode, where the first option is “Find your Phone”. By pressing down your finger on the screen you will hear your phone beeping a few seconds after, and the alarm stops once you lift the phone; a quite useful function when you are in a hurry, and you need to find your phone quickly.
  • The “Not Disturb Mode” is another useful function, while the smart bracelet notifies you whenever you receive a call, message or a social media notification update.
  • As for the pedometer, it is surprisingly accurate, given the low price, while the free app “VeryFit” that is synced automatically with the watch when you open it keeps a record of all these data (calories burned, steps, sleeping hours and heart rate) and offers various additional functions, too. For example, you can make a profile and set a personal goal, such as losing weight or remaining healthy.
Our Verdict:

The Mpow Fitness tracker does precisely what it says. All the functions perform at satisfactory levels, with almost 95% accuracy at the pedometer, which is more than great in this price range.

All in all, it is another very affordable choice with all the package of the basic functions included. Ideal for beginners who do not want to spend too much on a gadget but still would appreciate the extra feature of the heart rate monitor.


3. Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR (Heart Monitor & Waterproof)

Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR
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Climbing up towards the most pricey zone, Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR stands somewhere in the middle.  If you are lucky enough to find it at a 50% discount, you can rest assured that you get a quality product at a very reasonable price.

However, let’s have a closer look at this gadget’s features.


Letsfit Fitness Tracker follows the simple design of those above more affordable options: A plastic strap with a soft rubber feel, available in multiple colours, and a unit with an OLED screen. One definite plus is the two straps you get at the same price, one black and one coloured so that you can change the watch’s appearance according to your outfit of the day.

Weighing just 22 g, this gadget feels very light and comfortable on the wrist. The basic unit is very easy to handle with a simple swipe of your finger, but the drawback is that it is not very bright, so the letters, menus and time are not readily distinguishable under the blazing sun.

Nevertheless, it is not by any means the worst seen.


A built-in USB plug makes charging the Lithium battery of the watch a piece of cake. However, the battery needs to be purchased separately, as it is not included in the package.

One single two-hour charge gives life to this gadget for a good 7-10 days, so – regarding battery life- it exceeds the average of its lower-priced alternatives.

Functions Provided:

  • Setting up the gadget is pretty straight-forward, you just scan the QR code at the back of the package, and within seconds your phone locates the app in the app store.
  • The fitness tracker supports iOs 7.1 or Android 4.4 and above, so it operates smoothly with the latest technology.
  • Of course, you get all the essential functions, the pedometer and the sleep and calorie counter as well as a heart rate mode.
  • What is really impressive, though, is that it provides 14 different activity modes, 8 default and 6 personalised, which allow you to track your activities within the day with high accuracy.
  • Among others, you can find swimming mode, cycling mode and run mode (btw check these men’s shoes for running).
  • The app “VeryFitPro” is straightforward to use, quite self-explanatory. Moreover, you get all the message and social media alerts, and some of the features met in pricier models, such as the photo feature which allows you to take snapshots using your phone camera handsfree and the “Find my phone” feature.
  • Needless to say, this is a waterproof gadget as it has a swim activity mode.
Our Verdict:

Excellent quality for a low price, this little gadget is an excellent alternative to the pricier options in the market.

The 14 activity modes are highly appreciated as you can easily track down your progress in your fitness routine with just a glance at the app. However, it does not come without its faults. The fact that there is no battery included is a little disappointing as well as the screen’s dimness.

However, at this price, it is a perfect option, a true value-for-money gadget, ideal for those who search for more activity functions than the basic pedometer and sleep tracker. Does it tick all the boxes on your list?


4. Huawei Band 2 Pro Fitness Activity Tracker

Huawei Band 2 Pro
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Band 2 Pro’s initial price is under 100, yet it is an undeniably a high-performance band with many extras that justify the high cost. After all, Huawei is a large and well-respected company, so it is a guarantee that you get a high-quality product.

Yet, it is highly possible to find this gem on sale and ultimately get a value-for-money tracker with a 2 years guarantee for the UK! Keep on reading to discover more about its incredible abilities.


Huawei’s Band 2 Pro has a very simple interface, with a tap-sensitive area below the screen to navigate through the different modes with a single tap, while holding your finger on the tap area turns on an activity mode. The band itself is really lightweight, and the ergonomic design makes it really comfortable on the wrist.

The screen size is adequate, big enough to view the flashing data. The rubber band has a loop on the one side to fasten securely on your wrist, but as some reviewers noted, there are a few issues with the strap getting unloosed easily.

Overall, it has a sporty and sleek appearance that resembles Fitbit Alta and matches almost every casual outfit.


  • This activity tracker is powered by a rechargeable 100mAh battery that becomes full after an hour and a half of charging time.
  • The battery life is phenomenal, lasting up to 21 days (which is very impressive) with minimal usage of the different settings. In the package, you will find the charging cable and cradle, the two essential units to get it charged. This can be seen as a drawback just because if you happen to lose one of these you have a problem.
  • However, we are happy with the longevity of the battery, which is by far among the best of the best.

Functions Provided: First of all, Band 2 Pro is compatible with iOS 8 and Android 4.4 or more recent OS. For Android devices, there are 2 apps available to help you manage the recorded data: The Huawei Health app and the Huawei  Wear app. In case of the iPhone users, all the job is done by the secondly mentioned app.

The Wear app changes the gadget’s settings and displays the basic data, such as steps and calories. Exercise data, (running, cycling and swimming) sleep data, your heart rate curve, graphics and health counsel are displayed by the Health app.

The fascinating thing about this whole story is the scientific references you can find on that app, an extra reassurance that you care your body the right way. The built-in GPS feature allows you to keep track on the actual routes in your running routine and the various charts make an educated guess on the impact of the exercise on your overall health. Moreover, the VO2 max feature informs you of the oxygen rates in your blood and estimates your cardiovascular health.

Moreover, of course, the gadget does not only send information but receives as well. SMS and social media notifications, including WhatsUp, are supported, and for iPhone users, you can also mute a phone call through the band. Last but not least, it is entirely waterproof up to 5ATM and has a 2-years guarantee.

Our Verdict:

Huawei Band 2 Pro has a ton of features, scientific references and health counsel, a remarkably long battery life and is a really well-made gadget.

That said, there are a few downsides, for example, the apps are a tiny bit more complicated than its competitors’ and the strap unfastens rather easily from the wrist. However, it is undoubtedly a great gadget that surpasses the basic functions of a fitness tracker at a reasonable price that becomes really affordable upon discount periods.


5. Moov Now Wearable Audio Coach

Moov Now
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Moov Now is a fitness tracker that differs from the rest. As stated by its name, it is more a digital coach than a tracker that merely collects data.

Thus, if you are interested in taking your fitness routine to the next level, keep on reading to find out what makes this product stand out!


The most bizarre feature in this gadget’s design is the absence of a screen. In essence, it is a small, round disc fitted inside a black, full of holes, rubber band. The sensor is now available in various colours apart from the standard black version.

Don’t get fooled, however. This gadget might seem dull, yet the power hidden inside it is significant! We will amplify on that in the Functions Provided section. All you have to do is put it on your wrist or ankle (for better jog monitoring), press the single button on top and begin your exercise routine.

Clearly, this is not your ideal match if you like to check the time or your messages and various notifications frequently.

However, if you are focused just on your fitness activity and need to have the most accurate metrics possible at a fair price, this gadget might fit the bill!


Moov now is powered by a Lithium battery that needs to be changed every 6 months. There is no cable, cradle or anything similar getting in your way of tracking your daily activities.

Granted, you need to buy batteries every six months, but we cannot have it all in life, can we?

Functions Provided:

  • This tiny disc gathers all the top element features of a fitness tracker: it is a pedometer, it monitors your sleep, it tracks your running, boxing, swimming and cycling activity, it offers 12 guided workouts with a graded level of difficulty and a virtual coach for guidance.
  • The only thing missing is the heart rate monitor, a feature commonly seen in other models. Yet, whereas other trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone offer a lot of different features, such as alarms, time display and heart rate monitors, Moov chooses to differ and focus entirely on analysing your motions.
  • Hence, it is the only gadget in the market that has the technology to analyse your movements in 3D and record a wide range of motions.
  • This, in turn, enables the system to come up with the proper guidance directions to maximise the results of your fitness routine and avoid harsh moves that could lead to injury.
  • To be frank, though, all these are operated through your synced phone, so having your phone close to you during your whole workout session is essential.
  • Another disadvantage is the robotic voice which sometimes skips necessary pauses between words and gets a little bit difficult to understand.

Hopefully, we will see an upgrade about this in the next model to be launched.

Our Verdict:

Moov now doesn’t have a screen or heart rate monitor. It does not receive alerts or messages but it is durable, waterproof, accurate, and most importantly, it has a voice.

If you are looking for a virtual coach to improve your fitness routine and see results faster, or if you just want to have the most accurate data possible for your daily activities, look no further.

Moov will get you on the move.


6. Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2
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The price of the famous Fitbit Flex 2 has now dropped significantly since its first launch in 2016, and it can be considered an affordable option. Fitbit Flex 2 is slimmer than its predecessor, and it is also waterproof.

Does it worth it to set your heart on this gadget? Let’s find out.


Fitbit Flex 2 seems like a plain rubber strap, available in fancy colours. This discreet band, however, enshrouds a smart mechanism, a tiny rectangular brain that records your daily activity. The foremost advantage of Fitbit Flex 2 is its smart design, making it ideal for sporty chic appearances while it can also adapt for more formal occasions.

To explain, Fitbit has released some cool straps that resemble jewels, so all you have to do is removing the main and tiny unit from the strap and place it into a more luxurious cover. You can even turn your tracker into a necklace! No wonder why Flex 2 ranks high among the women’s best selling trackers.

As for the colours of the basic strap, you can choose among 3: Black, Lavender and Magenta. Also, Fitbit Flex 2 comes with 2 sizes of straps, small and large, to achieve the best fit on your wrist.


According to Fitbit, a full recharge of Flex 2 gives you 5 days of use, yet this is true when you are sparing in the use of its features. For example, automatic syncs with your phone and regular vibrations due to multiple SMS notifications drain the battery quickly.

Overall, the battery life is average but taking into account the high price of this product; the score is meager in this category.

Functions Provided:

  • Flex 2 doesn’t have a screen; you can understand how close you are to your steps goal by the lights of the brain’s 5 LEDs that poke through the rubber strap. Also, the LEDs flash when you get SMS and social media notifications.
  • One smart feature is the colour change of the flashing lights, according to the type of notifications you receive: Yellow for calls, purple for move reminders and blue for messages and notifications from
  • Another feature is the Silent Alarm, which wakes you up softly with a pure vibration. You can set the time of the silent alarm via the Flex’s App on your phone.
  • It also has a smart software that recognises running pace or time used at the gym and saves these data as separate entries. The exception to this, though, is the swimming mode, which must be turned on and off manually.
  • As for the Fitbit’s App, it may lack statistical depth but is hands-down a user-friendly app that focuses on motivation. It is packed with achievements and challenges that keep you hooked to your goal, and it even gives you the option to challenge friends to make it even more interesting.
Our Verdict:

Flex 2 might be on the pricey side, yet it is a tracker that focuses on counting steps and lacks some of the features that its competitors rave about.

It does not have a screen nor a heart rate monitor, but it has many options regarding appearance. It is comfortable, discreet and recognises the speed of your pace automatically. If you are after a tracker that you can put it on and forget that it is there, this is an ideal match for you.

You can wear it 24/7, even while taking a shower. And the app makes jogging a lot more fun too.


7. Fitbit Charge 2 – The Best Choice

Fitbit Charge 2
View on AmazonCharge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the most popular activity trackers, and for a good reason. It combines good looks with a load of different features and, of course, it has Fitbit’s signature.

The price varies, depending on the size and colour of the strap and the availability of each item, but generally, you can find it between £80-£100. And this is the most expensive item on this list. Ready to see what you get for that price?


Fitbit Charge 2 has a bigger display screen than its predecessors, Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HD. This means you can quickly read notifications from messages and social media. It sports a black and white OLED screen with an adjustable brightness setting (hurray!), so no problem checking your watch under the bright sun.

The display turns typically on with the typical wrist gesture but fails to do so from time to time, which is a slight drawback. However, there is a button on the side of the unit to turn it on manually and save the day. As with the Flex above 2, Charge 2 also offers the option of customisation by changing the rubber band.

A vast range of colours are available and even a few leather and metal options for those who like a touch of luxury in things. The strap is available in 2 sizes, small and large.


The Lithium polymer batteries included in the package give life to Charge 2 for about 5 days, an average battery life. When battery levels are down, a notification is sent to your phone via email.

Recharging the device is very easy with the new USB cable that clamps on both sides of the unit to ensure a good connection.

Functions Provided:

  • Fitbit Charge 2 monitors and records your sleep, calories, steps and heartbeat and it has some exciting multi-sport tracking modes, such as treadmill running, weight training, cycling, elliptical training and more.
  • Keep in mind though that it does not have a built-in GPS, so if you want to track your running distance, you need to have your phone close to you.
  • The VO2 max feature provides you information for the oxygen levels in your blood, data that are saved in the Cardio Fitness level of the app. This amount is calculated by comparing your running speed and heart rate measurements.
  • Unfortunately, it is not waterproof but splashproof, so you cannot have it on while swimming or taking a shower.


Our Verdict:

Fitbit Charge 2 has a very fancy appearance and many functions. The app keeps you motivated and records with high accuracy your daily activities. We appreciated the multi-sport modes and the V02 max feature.

Charge 2 is undoubtedly an upgrade from its 2 predecessors.